Smartick Presents PISA 2022 Insights: Mapping the Global Educational Landscape

December 11 21:30 2023

In an era where education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of nations, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) stands as an invaluable tool for comprehending and comparing global educational outcomes. Utilizing PISA data, Smartick has created three visualizations to showcase the mathematical, scientific, and reading performances of 81 countries in PISA 2022. This effort provides a detailed overview of prevailing trends, challenges, and successes in international education.

Unlocking Mathematical Literacy in PISA

In the context of PISA, “mathematics performance” transcends mere equations, emphasizing the application of mathematical concepts in describing, predicting, and explaining the world. Smartick’s mission aligns with the notion that mathematical literacy equips students to make informed judgments, crucial decisions, and actively contribute as thoughtful citizens. Refer to the map for a comprehensive view of country performances and data insights.

Mathematics Highlights: PISA 2022

–  The OECD average mathematics score is 472 points.
–  Singapore secures the top spot with an impressive score of 575.
–  Strong performances in Macao (China) with 552 and Chinese Taipei with 547.
–  Hong Kong (China), Japan, and Korea follow closely, surpassing the 530-point mark.
–  16 out of 81 countries have over 10% of students attaining Level 5 or 6 proficiency.
–  Globally, 69% of students in OECD countries demonstrate basic proficiency in mathematics.

Unveiling Scientific Literacy in PISA

Scientific performance in PISA evaluates the ability of 15-year-olds to utilize scientific knowledge for questioning, acquiring new insights, explaining phenomena, and drawing evidence-based conclusions on science-related matters. The map provides a visual representation of country performances and data insights.

Science Highlights: PISA 2022

–  The OECD average science score is 485 points.
–  Singapore secures the top spot with an impressive score of 561.
–  Outstanding performances in Japan, Macao (China), Chinese Taipei, Korea, Estonia, Hong Kong (China), and Canada.
–  24 education systems surpass the OECD average in science scores.
–  About 75% of students in OECD countries achieve basic proficiency in science.

Exploring Reading Proficiency in PISA

Reading performance in PISA assesses the ability to comprehend, utilize, and contemplate written texts with the aim of attaining objectives, fostering knowledge and potential, and engaging effectively in society. The map provides insights into country performances and data.

Reading Highlights: PISA 2022

–  The OECD average reading score is 476 points.
–  Singapore secures the top position with an impressive score of 543.
–  High-performing countries include Japan, Macao (China), Chinese Taipei, and Korea.
–  About 75% of students in OECD countries achieve basic proficiency in reading.

Singapore’s Educational Triumph: A Leap Beyond OECD Averages

Singaporean students exhibit exceptional proficiency in mathematics, reading, and science, showcasing an educational prowess equivalent to almost three to five years ahead of their OECD peers. Notably, Singapore has not only maintained stability in mathematics performance but has also shown improvement in reading and science since 2018.

Dominance in Mathematics: East Asian Excellence Shines

Beyond Singapore’s triumph, five other East Asian education systems emerged as mathematical powerhouses in PISA 2022, showcasing a regional dominance in mathematical proficiency.

Global Educational Alarms: A Dip Beyond Pandemic Impact

While some countries shine in education, the broader outlook raises concerns. The latest PISA cycle witnessed an unprecedented decline in performance, particularly in reading and mathematics. Despite the evident impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a deeper analysis reveals long-term issues within education systems contributing significantly to the drop in performance.

As Smartick concludes this exploration of PISA 2022, Smartick Data invites the readers to stay tuned for upcoming installments in the series of educational visualizations. In the coming weeks, Smartick will delve deeper into specific aspects of international education, providing more insights, analyses, and visualizations to foster a comprehensive understanding of the global educational panorama.

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