“From the abyss… Into the ether…,” Exploring the subtle and the severe extremes of human psyche through poetry and art – by Anusha Akella

March 16 17:51 2023
"From the abyss... Into the ether...," Exploring the subtle and the severe extremes of human psyche through poetry and art - by Anusha Akella

We’ve all had moments in our lives when we find it incredibly difficult to articulate our feelings. More often than not, this is perhaps because we feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variations of our emotions. In a world where we find ourselves hustling to get our basic needs met, it can be difficult to find a moment to look inwards and understand our minds that are so complex, layered and abstract. Joy, courage, anger, distress, misery, and contentment flood our lives continuously and yet the beauty lies in our ability to experience all of them every day.

From the abyss…Into the ether” is Anusha’s attempt to delve into the depths of those emotions and experiences and to find catharsis in profound poetic verses that add color to our deeply expressive souls. Heartfelt, melancholic, honest & pure, this poetry collection showcases the raw and sensitive side of a woman who is in the process of embracing her imperfections in a world that worships perfectionism. Anusha’s poems are relatable and at times can feel like a warm embrace. After all, it is only when we let ourselves be truly vulnerable, can we deeply connect with one another.

Accompanying her poems are Anusha’s artwork which could serve as a visual interpretation of her words. Between the lines of the poetry and the strokes of the paintbrush, one can unearth the amount of solace Anusha has found in creativity during troubled times.

About the author:

Anusha immigrated to the UK in 2017 from Hyderabad, India, where she was born and raised. She is a doctor and has been working in the NHS since. Anusha is currently pursuing a residency in Psychiatry. Anusha was 10 years old when she discovered her love for writing. She is an avid reader who enjoys Classic Literature, Poetry, Health and well-being reads. Anusha’s first poetry collection, “A Potpourri Of Thoughts” released in March 2022, included and outlined the same turmoil faced by junior doctors in the NHS during the COVID crisis, amongst other things. Available on Amazon.

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