Brazilian entrepreneur expands vitamin brand to the US

March 15 13:22 2023
By: Maydi Guerrero

Orlando, FL – Hugo Lima, one of Brazil’s most well-known executives is betting on the US market to accept his nutritional supplement brand, Sunflower, and thus prove that he is the ultimate businessman.

Lima, executive of operations for Sunflower Ltd. has a stellar career managing top brands and rescuing some underperforming one. His secret, according to his business partners, is his attention to quality from the printing of the product label to the ingredients and manufacturing.

“He doesn’t micromanage, but Hugo does set in motion quality control measures that guarantees every facet of the production lines is executed with excellence and quality,” states Marcos Mendes CEO of Sunflower Ltd.

Yet his very strength has been costly for Lima since quality is not very marketable in places like Brazil where cheaper is always better.

“Increase in quality means increase in cost, and at Sunflower we must expand to markets that reward quality,” said Lima who has various brands under his management for all income levels.

Lima has all the knowledge and the best experience in​​production process technology, which has been fundamental within the industry since, due to his talent, he has managed to lead the organization to be the leader of the largest supplement manufacturing plant in South America.

Investment in innovation and expansion is Hugo’s main strategy, which is why Sunflower billed more than 10 million USD in the first year in the US market thanks to his leadership. Studies also indicate that at least 57.6% of Brazilians have taken a vitamin supplement in the last 30 days manufactured by Sunflower. Brazilian Americans also trust Sunflower over other brands based on their familiarity with it from their native country.

The philosophy based on expansion and good corporate positioning identify Lima’s approach to business. Coupled with adopting new techniques for launching products and always offering nutritional security to the consumer has been Lima and Sunflower’s hallmark.

Lima makes up the growing group of Brazilian businesspeople who seek to expand recognized Brazilian brand names beyond its borders. Lima has led Sunflower to invest more than $6 million in machinery, infrastructure, and inventory in 2022. Lima in just a couple years has positioned himself as a protagonist in the competitive American nutritional supplement market propelled by his unique success in Brazil.

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