Why Ambitious Parents Must Invest Passively in Commercial Real Estate Syndications, According to Liberty Capitus

March 13 09:40 2023
Why Ambitious Parents Must Invest Passively in Commercial Real Estate Syndications, According to Liberty Capitus
The top 5 reasons why Liberty Capitus encourages ambitious parents to invest passively, so that they can create more time with their loved ones

Being an ambitious career-driven professional and being a parent is the ultimate balancing act. While there is nothing wrong in being aggressive in one’s career, the busy schedules and heavy workloads that come with it often lead to less time spent with the kids. The questions that every parent must ask themselves are – “Am I building this lifestyle at the expense of the time to be enjoyed with my child?” “Is the growth in my career coming at a hefty price tag of time lost with my child?”

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Majority of ambitious parents are deeply involved in their professional life because they desire a better lifestyle for themselves and their family. By investing passively in cash flowing real estate assets through syndications, parents get extra cash from the investments, which can help them improve their lifestyle.

Additionally, the biggest return on their passive investment is that the parents can buy extra time to spend with their children. In this article, Liberty Capitus, a private equity firm known for offering unique and strategically curated investment offerings for passive investors, shares why they encourage ambitious parents to passively invest in commercial real estate.

1. Financial Education

Children learn from their parents’ actions – not from their parents’ words. It is never too early to introduce the concept of finance and money management to a child. In this case, investing in real estate can serve as a valuable tool for financial education. When parents involve their children in the investment process, children can develop critical financial skills and habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. A monthly or quarterly cash-flow from a passive real estate investment through a syndication serves as a valuable tool to teach children how to make their money work for them, while they work in building their career.

2. Legacy Building

The biggest legacy a parent can leave for their children is giving them the ability to make choices in life without having the pressure of financial limitations. Imagine a legacy where a child can choose to pursue any education or any business venture without having to risk it all with one choice. By investing in cash flowing real estate, parents can help build a financial legacy for their children and secure their future financial well-being, without compromising their current lifestyle. Historically, it is estimated that 90% of all millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate.

3. Long-Term Appreciation

Throughout history, real estate has proven to appreciate over time, providing the potential for long-term capital growth. The investment in a commercial syndication usually employs the value-add strategy, which forces the appreciation of the property faster than an organic growth in the value. For an ambitious parent, this means that the growth in equity through a passive investment might result in faster growth of their investment before the children get ready for college or higher education.

4. Income Generation (Cash Flow)

Passive investing in syndications can provide a steady stream of passive income. This extra cash may help fund that much-needed vacation with the family or pay for their teenager’s first car. And as the kids start their careers, pay for college, or face other financial needs, having this extra income source can help ease their financial burden.

5. Tax Benefits

Real estate investment can offer significant tax benefits. One of the major tax benefits is depreciation, which may offset the taxable income or tax liability. Another benefit may be using the section 1031 through which the parent can defer taxes in perpetuity and pass on the cash flowing income and asset to their children, without ever paying taxes on the capital gain in their entire lives.

By investing in real estate for their children, parents can help lay the foundation for a secure financial future, provide valuable financial education, and pass on the benefits of their hard work and wisdom to future generations.

For Liberty Capitus:
“Money buys time,
Time with family creates experiences,
Experiences build better relationships, and
Stronger relationships create fulfillment.”

Passive investment through syndications can help a parent achieve that!

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