112 Gold Coins Outline the Circle of Belgian Top Ladies Luxury Skincare Brand LANQINR is Unavailable to Get

March 11 09:42 2023

There is a kind of gold coins, only 112 in the world, that can be passed down from family to family. It turns out to be just a purchase qualification certificate for a top niche skincare brand. How exaggerated is the daily life of the top ladies’ circle?

Recently, a Belgian netizen posted a rose gold coin that he holds. It is reported that this gold coin with only 112 worldwide has a history of more than 50 years. Its purpose is to present the gold coin to obtain the right to purchase a flagship product of a Belgian luxury brand called LANQINR. After this video was released, it shocked the entire Internet, causing many netizens to say “poverty limits my imagination.”

“This is a pure gold coin, which my grandma passed down to my mother. His age is over 50 years, and only 112 in the world. Do you know the purpose of this gold coin?” Recently, Belgian netizen Lucas posted a video on Tiktok that attracted the attention of many people. In the end, Lucas revealed the answer: this gold coin was inherited from their family and is a “purchase qualification certificate” for a skincare brand called LANQINR. Only by holding this gold coin can you be eligible to purchase the flagship product of this brand – the Pink Magic Series. The reporter learned that the prices of this series of products are staggering. Taking the most representative product, Damascus Nano-Molecular Pure Rose Oil as an example, the cost of each bottle is as high as 56,000 EUR.

Lucas said that the products of this brand are a symbol of high society in Belgium, and this gold coin is also regarded as a passport of high society, and people are proud to own such a gold coin. In the more than 100 years since the brand was established, only three batches of gold coins have been issued, and there are only 112 worldwide. The gold coin held by Lucas is the third batch released, more than 50 years ago.

LANQINR is a century-old aristocratic private brand that originated in Belgium. It was founded in Belgium in 1918 by European aristocrat Novak Coswirm. Novak found that bathing with rose water can make the skin white, tender and elastic, so he provided the purified rose water to noble ladies, and the results were well received. In 1919, Novak opened the first beauty salon in Belgium, creating a range of skincare products based on rose water and essential oils. Novak Beauty Salon only adopts a membership system. Based on his wife’s avatar, he made a brand-exclusive rose gold coin for the flagship product Pink Magic Series. As a member’s identification, it only serves a few customers, and only the royal family and noble ladies enjoy noble services with rose gold coins. It is reported that Novak only minted three batches of gold coins, with only 112. Due to the limited amount of gold coins, many aristocratic wives racked their brains to get rose gold coins. At that time, Belgian nobles gave LANQINR products to Polish and French royal nobles as virtual gifts.

In this regard, an industry insider who has been serving high-end customers in Europe for a long time said: In fact, there are many similar niche brands in many established countries in Europe. They only use the top raw materials and technology and serve only a small group of top people. As the general public, many people are not familiar with them. For example, a mineral water called Beverly Hills 90H20 sells for as much as $100,000 per bottle. These products are often only consumed by the nobles and the top rich and famous ladies. They are not only a simple item, but also a status symbols.

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