Breaking the mold with story-driven company overview videos: 3 Bear Studios offers high-quality corporate video production services.

March 10 21:39 2023
3 Bear Studios creates corporate videos to help clients connect with their audiences through its comprehensive concept-to-completion services.

Video content has become essential for businesses to connect with their audiences. With so many updates happening in the digital advertising arena, companies have no choice but to lean into the new trends to succeed. With the rise of TikTok and short-form vertical videos, predictions showed that at least 82% of internet traffic would be video related by 2022. Video content has been proven to increase conversion rates by 80%, with over half of all internet users claiming to prefer video content over other formats. Video content has become so popular that using the word ‘video’ on the subject line of an email campaign increases open rates by up to 15%.

These numbers show the growing importance of video content and why it is becoming crucial in marketing strategies. The increasing adoption of video content has also seen social media platforms incorporate features that support video content to appeal to users.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of marketing, and with audiences favoring visual content over any other format, video has become quite popular in digital marketing and advertising. 3 Bear Studios leverages its proven track record and the expertise of its team to create real-feel experiences for clients. Video content allows businesses to provide a raw, immersive look into their business, which forges strong and genuine relationships with their audiences.

3 Bear Studios is a video production company that is breaking the corporate video production mold with story-driven company overview videos. As companies adapt their marketing strategies to keep up with ever-changing trends, 3 Bear Studios helps clients create engaging content that resonates with their audiences and promotes growth. This way, lead generation and driving traffic to client pages become easier.

By this point, any business not leveraging video content for its marketing is behind the curve. The studio is helping turn visions into high-quality visuals, shot and edited by talented filmmakers to help bring brand stories to life. “Whether it’s capturing new customers through an impactful branded commercial or conveying your expertise through a corporate testimonial, we find the things that truly set you apart, and we make sure everyone knows about it. Telling your story is what we do best.”

As a professional corporate video production studio, 3 Bear Studios takes care of clients through every stage, from concept development to filming and post-production. 3 Bear Studios offers a full suite of video production services with a team that brings hands-on technical and creative experience to bring content to life. The studio’s production process is very collaborative to ensure that client goals are uniquely met. 3 Bear Studios projects help clients showcase their brand, culture, and values to their employees and customers within budget. “It’s your story, and we’re here to embrace it with fresh eyes and expert vision.”

3 Bear Studios continues to cement its position as the leading provider of video production services in Marlton, NJ. 

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