Silent Maiden: A Progression Fantasy Brings Alive The Perfect Tale of Courage and Destiny

March 09 21:36 2023

Who doesn’t like to read thrilling fiction? Reading fiction can help you enter into a fictional place that will help you find an escape from the chaotic world and take you into a world of adventures and mysteries. Do you want to be transported to a world of legends and epic battles in ‘Silent Maiden: A Progression Fantasy’ by Ujwal Vujjini? With his exceptional skills, the author takes the readers on a breathtaking journey through a world on the brink of destruction.

‘Silent Maiden: A Progression Fantasy’ by Ujwal Vujjini is not an ordinary epic story but a story that revolves around a world that is plagued by calamities, with the powers of the past fading and distrust and madness consuming those in positions of power.

A cursed couple gives birth to a boy who is to be exiled due to his parents’ insolence towards a visiting sage. However, the sage takes pity and offers to train the yet unborn child, and thus Tūmbṃār, the boy of the Hematite Mountains, becomes a disciple to one of the greatest sages. Tumbmar, a young man, is forced to leave his home to escape a curse and unwittingly finds himself at the center of a battle for the soul of the world. With only his wits and faith to guide him, Tumbmar faces unimaginable adversaries and uncovers unexpected truths about himself.

The journey will change not only his own fate but the fate of his dearest companions, including a mysterious maiden he discovers under a tree. Their lives become intertwined with the Gods above and the Demons below, and together they embark on an epic saga that will shape the destiny of their age.

Will Tumbmar be able to rise to the challenge and become the hero the world needs? What secrets will he uncover about himself and the fate of the world? Get yourself immersed in the ultimate tale of adventure, courage, and destiny. You can order ‘Silent Maiden: A Progression Fantasy’ by Ujwal Vujjini by heading to the website or from Amazon.

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