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January 05 21:39 2023
Quality and compassionate care led by Dr. Sherra Conde DC, BC

Many people often overlook the health symptoms that they experience, believing that it will go away on its own. But when these conditions become more persistent and painful, it might be a result of undiagnosed progressive form of peripheral neuropathy. In these instances, it would be best to seek the help of an experienced neuropathy specialist. Fortunately, those who are living in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas, have access to Georgia Neuropathy Doctors, LLC, (GND) one of the best when it comes to natural treatments to reverse neuropathy called The Reverse Effect(TM).

Nearly 24 million people actually suffer from neuropathy and 90% of them heavily rely on medications and injections for relief. There are hundreds of causes of neuropathy, including diabetes, chemotherapy, and many more. At GND, they strongly believe in the power of reversing neuropathy naturally and in most cases, patients experience significant improvements in as early as three months.

Living while managing the kind of pain and discomfort brought by neuropathy is not easy. This is precisely why GND is passionate about helping patients experience pain relief through their The Reverse Effect(TM) neuropathy programs and an overall improvement in their condition. Foot discomfort, pain when walking, sensitivity to touch, side effects from medication, muscle weakness, numbness, diabetic nerve pain, sharp electric-like pain, and burning or tingling sensations are among the common symptoms of neuropathy and the team at GND will help eliminate these symptoms.

Known as The Reverse Effect(TM), doctors at GND outlines a three-step road to recovery for all of their patients, which consists of the aid of advanced technology, implementing nutritional supplementation as well neuromuscular reeducation system. This state of the art office is all about identifying and eliminating the hidden causes within the patient’s body, combined with advanced diagnostics to pinpoint the deficiencies that also affect one’s overall health.

Once the doctors have completed a 16 point neurological evaluation and examination, an assessment is made to determine if the patient is a candidate for The Reverse Effect(TM). The program consists of customized and hyper-targeted nutritional supplement strategies to enable rapid transformation and breakthrough results. They also make use of a cutting edge biohacking technique to repair compromised systems, a step that the majority of health professionals miss.

Finally, they develop customized lifestyle solutions for their patients. This is to ensure that they get to enjoy a long and vibrant life, free of neuropathy pain.

Dr. Sherra Conde leads the team at Georgia Neuropathy Doctors, LLC. She has been a neurological based Doctor of Chiropractic since 2009, and has a Board Certification in Neuropathy care from the American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM), allowing her to help neuropathy patients with a higher level of care.

Do not lose hope, you can be helped with GND’s The Reverse Effect(TM).

For comprehensive treatment matched with quality and compassionate care visit https://www.georgianeuropathydoctors.com/ and request for an appointment.

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