Pandora Monrose On a Quest to Empower Abuse Survivors and People Living Alternative Lifestyles with Pandora Box TV

December 02 16:24 2022
Pandora Monrose is an American filmmaker and music artist. Pandora reached global renown for her exquisite filmography talents, most prominently her Pandora’s Box series.


According to data sourced from U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs, five in ten women experience a traumatic event. Women are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD than men, and many have no one to turn to.

A child abuse victim, now a highly successful filmmaker and music artist, Pandora Monrose knows what it feels like to be alone, overwhelmed by fear and stress. After overcoming her depression and anxiety, Pandora wanted to help all women who have had similar experiences win against their PTSD, depression, and painful memories.

She created Pandora’s Box TV channel a decade ago, which is an incredibly popular YouTube series featuring four brilliantly-written seasons of action, drama, love, breakups, reconciliations, and more.

Initially, Pandora Monrose planned to create only three seasons of Pandora’s Box, but the show’s tremendous popularity and thousands of fan requests ultimately persuaded her into bringing it back with a Season 4. Recently, Pandora confirmed that she is working with her team on Season 5, imparting that she is thrilled and overjoyed that Pandora’s Box is resonating with so many people.

What separates Pandora Monrose from contemporary filmmakers is her polygamous lifestyle. She is married to two women and is among the most respected ambassadors of the LGBT community.

Monrose recently launched a new show called “House of Monrose”, which will feature vlogs and moments in her polygamous family, her interactions with Nellie and Jae, and their beautiful children.

Pandora is also an esteemed writer; having published two volumes of the critically acclaimed “Pandora After Dark”, she has cemented her reputation as one of the most daring and passionate writers of her time. Additionally, coloring books and branded Pandora merchandise can be found on her official website.

More information about Pandora Monrose is available on her official website.

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