Lionstone Physique Coaching: How a Dyslexic Young Entrepreneur is Reshaping the landscape of the fitness industry

November 23 00:42 2022
Lionstone Physique Coaching is a premier Australian fitness coaching company offering clients and customers a broad spectrum of bespoke training and nutrition programs globally.

Rhys Livingstone is a 27-year-old Australian entrepreneur that was recently nominated for the Melbourne Young Entrepreneur 2022 award. He entered the finals and had an opportunity to showcase the exemplary work his company Lionstone Physique Coaching has been doing for years. 

Rhys’ story begins in Williamstown, Melbourne. Struggling with dyslexia, Rhys assumed that further studies would drain too much of his time, so he focused on refining his more practical talents, learning everything he could about physique development, the way human muscles work, diving deep into educational resources about nutrition, and training. 

After graduating from Williamstown High School, Rhys entered the world of entrepreneurship, putting his sales, product, and brand development skills to the test. He founded Lionstone Physique Coaching in 2012, which is now considered among the finest fitness nutrition & coaching establishments in Australia. 

Having visited numerous gyms and fitness venues, he noticed that even though most of these places are well-equipped with high-end training equipment, many coaches and trainers follow an almost universal pattern – instructing clients ‘how’ to perform exercises and follow preset nutritional plans without explaining ‘why’ they are important. 

“Over the last 10 years in the fitness industry, I have made it my mission to build the best possible product and provide our clients with the quality and attention to detail they deserve. Time and time again, I hear of people signing up for an online coaching platform or service and have been unbelievably underwhelmed with what they have received. It is for this reason I have ensured that not only are our systems designed with your needs in mind but also respect and actively seek your feedback,” said Rhys. 

This led Rhys to build a team of the highest caliber professionals that would fulfill the roles of both educators and coaches. His journey has far led him to Samantha, Mason, Pat, and Matt, who helped Lionstone Physique Coaching become one of the most respected fitness companies on the continent. 

Lionstone Physique Coaching services more than 200 clients weekly through an exclusively online model, spanning worldwide and growing daily. 

Now that Lionstone Physique Coaching is expanding Rhys has shifted his primary focus to the betterment of like-minded small business owners in the health and fitness world, using his experience building Lionstone and passion for business as a cornerstone of education. Rhys’ mission is simple: reduce friction for fitness business owners and improve predictability and scale beyond their expectations. 

More information about Lionstone Physique Coaching and its services is available on the company’s official website

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