ADD + SPACE is Making Storage in NYC Fun and Organized for Those Living the Small Apartment Life

November 22 21:54 2022
Freeing up valuable apartment space doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming with ADD + SPACE’s assistance. Their app is combined with their storage facilities to help organize and categorize all the items one wants to put in storage.

Living in NYC is the ideal lifestyle for many. Everything is within walking distance, and job opportunities are abundant. The nightlife and the diverse food options in the city are beyond anywhere else. However, NYC life has its downsides. Most apartments are small, leaving very little space for anything beyond absolute necessities. Organization can feel like a chore and still leave only the smallest amount of open space. 

ADD + SPACE combines an easy-to-use app with a spacious storage container to make storing extra items easy and convenient. With the app’s intelligent categorization system, one can know exactly what they have in storage at all times.


ADD + SPACE just launched in NYC with the goal of making storage fast and convenient. This storage system goes beyond typical self-storage facilities. Most storage units and containers only include the unit itself. These units are only as organized or unorganized as the person renting makes them. There’s no way to know what is currently being stored unless the person storing it made a detailed list ahead of time. Descriptions used at the time may confuse someone later, and they won’t be sure exactly what it is they have in their storage container. 

This isn’t the case with ADD + SPACE. ADD + SPACE begins the process with their app. Once the app is downloaded, users will take photos of everything they intend to store. The app categorizes everything on its own using tags such as clothing and books. Using those pictures and categories, the app helps determine how many storage containers will be needed. After a plan is selected, the containers will be sent to begin packing the items for storage. 

After the items are packed up, ADD + SPACE helps schedule pickup right in the app. The ADD + SPACE team comes to get the packed containers and will seal them in front of the client for peace of mind. Once items are in storage, the app continues to maintain the data it was given with the pictures supplied so that the client always knows exactly what they have in storage. 

Subscriptions are incredibly affordable, with plans as low as $19 a month to store one container. Pickup, delivery, and insurance is included with all the plans offered. Plans begin with one storage container and go all the way up to 12 for larger storage needs. 


ADD + SPACE currently only works in the NYC area, but they have plans to expand to other cities as well. This convenient storage solution is ideal for city living with small apartment spaces. With affordable plan options to suit any budget, organized storage is a breeze for NYC residents with ADD + SPACE. 

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