Organizations That Want to Grow Should Turn to Purveyor Branding Co.

November 22 02:15 2022
Organizations That Want to Grow Should Turn to Purveyor Branding Co.

Branding is much more than a buzzword. Marketplaces are crowded, and businesses are always competing with each other for their customers’ attention. Building a brand is more important than ever, but it can be hard to know where to start.  How does branding work? And how can prioritizing it help a company get the results they’re looking for?

The Importance of Branding

Branding makes a business recognizable. The more familiar a brand, the more likely a customer is to instinctively trust the company. Companies with a strategic and aesthetically pleasing brand presence are able to connect emotionally with customers who will then share their love of the brand with others. 

And, the more positive the brand’s reputation, the more likely employees are to take pride in their work and enjoy what they’re doing. 

While building a brand isn’t easy, with the right expertise, it can lead businesses to new and exciting levels of growth. So what does a successful brand look like? 

Second Saturday

Bakersfield knows it has a lot to offer, but it’s not at the top of most people’s travel list. That’s why Purveyor Branding Co. wanted to help change the city’s narrative.

The first step was to create community-based events that locals would enjoy. The branding agency collaborated with others in the city to build a network of small businesses sharing great deals on every Second Saturday of the month. Whether it’s a discount at a local shop, a drink deal at a trending restaurant, or a once a month market or activity, the community can count on Bakersfield Second Saturday for the latest news. 

Community members can find monthly themes and a pop-up vendor guide on the website so everyone can get involved. With the agency’s help, Second Saturday is raising Bakersfield’s profile — not only for locals, but those outside the city as well. 

Eastchester Living 

As Bakersfield’s reputation continues to rise regionally and beyond, modern and beautiful multi-family housing is more necessary than ever. Sage Equities set out to meet this need with 17th Place Townhomes. As they continued to gather interest, they began working with Purveyor Branding Co. to capture the vision of a new neighborhood in Bakersfield. 

Now known as Eastchester, this part of town is exploding with new growth — housing, restaurants, shops, and beyond — as residents finally have access to a walkable and bikeable neighborhood. 

Purveyor Branding Co. has been there every step of the way, helping craft a brand strategy for Eastchester and Sage Equities new venture, Eastchester Living. With a new apartment building, The Cue Eastchester Lofts, set to open early next year (and two more developments on the way), more and more people are excited to call Bakersfield home. 

Radio Sandwich

The local scene wouldn’t be complete, however, without amazing restaurants. It can be hard for eateries to stand out amongst the crowd, however, which is why Radio Sandwich decided to invest in their brand with Purveyor Branding Co. 

All local all the time, Radio Sandwich just opened its doors. The community has already responded with excitement as Purveyor Branding Co. has worked with the restaurant to get the word out about their offerings. 

From spreading the word about events on the calendar to participating in Second Saturday to getting to share the story of local ingredients, the agency is helping Radio Sandwich make a wonderful first — and lasting — impression in the community. 

 A Brand Makes a Business 

These three companies know the importance of their brand. They know that if they do not take a strategic and visually appealing approach to their community presence, people will be far less interested in what they have to offer — something that more companies are coming to understand and embrace. 

In fact, Purveyor Branding Co. is in such high demand that they recently opened a new showroom in downtown Bakersfield. Pay a visit to the agency today to see how a solid brand can help grow a business. 

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