Funeral Director Swindon Offers Traditional And Alternative Options For Services

November 21 23:54 2022
The personal service by goSimply Funerals Limited can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs. The diverse range includes both alternative and traditional options.

goSimply Funerals Limited is pleased to announce that the funeral director Swindon company offers traditional services, as well as a range of alternative options for bespoke services. The funeral services are a unique approach. The professional funeral directors take care of as much or as little as needed on behalf of the client. The services are flexible and tailored so customers can say goodbye in their own way. Funeral planning, burials, or cremations are all part of the professional services.

The funeral directors at goSimply Funerals Limited provide low-cost traditional funerals. They also provide options that are focused on environmentally conscious and natural approaches. By providing a diverse range of choices delivered with a less formal and relaxed approach, dealing with the passing of a loved one is less overwhelming and easier to cope with. The menu of funeral director services includes all the elements expected from a traditional funeral director but with an emphasis on keeping costs low.

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The goSimply Funerals Limited services can be tailored to include specific needs, as well as a wide range of alternative options which are non-traditional. Customers can choose from burial, cremation, green or alternative funerals. Collection, care, and dressing of the deceased, chapel visits, advice on or completion of all professional and legal paperwork and payment of 3rd party costs on the customer’s behalf if applicable.

A choice of coffins and urns includes cardboard, willow or wooden. Transport in a horse-drawn carriage, motorcycle side-car, electric hearsette, or traditional hearse and a fully bespoke ceremony with a funeral conductor on duty. 

The eco-emphasis choices include plastic-free and natural fibre garments, no embalming, and unbleached calico-to-line coffins. Coffins are from sustainable wood sources by local willow craftspeople. The funeral directors support home funerals and natural burials with the use of silk flowers. The family garden has been rewilded to encourage bees and butterflies.

About the Company:

goSimply Funerals Limited has developed a unique approach to funeral director services. The company uses natural and sustainable products with no plastic in coffins. Cremation, traditional burial, or other bespoke services are available.

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