Outlaw Cosmetics Is Helping To Maintain Healthy Eyelashes, Even When Wearing Lash Extensions

November 21 21:39 2022
With their eyelash serum, Outlaw Cosmetics is working hard to help maintain thick and healthy eyelashes. Their serum also helps keep natural eyelashes safe when wearing and using lash extensions.

Lash extensions are a trendy beauty item that is quickly rising in popularity. This service replaces the need to put on false lashes every day. Instead, lash extensions give that full and long eyelash look for weeks at a time before they need to be replaced. Because they stay on for so long, the question arises of whether or not they’re good for natural lashes. 

Outlaw Cosmetics is tackling this question with their lash serum. Lash extension wearers no longer need to question the health of their eyelashes with the help of Outlaw Cosmetics. 

Outlaw Cosmetics’ founder and origins

Sara Edward Wayne founded Outlaw Cosmetics almost ten years ago, in 2013. This Hollywood makeup and lash artist holds ten different certifications, six of which are lash specific. She’s even a lash educator. Sara has been a Hollywood makeup artist for over a decade, and she decided to begin training for lashes when she saw the difference they made in a makeup look. 

What started as a side business to make extra money between gigs on TV shows and movies began to grow as more and more people recognized her talent and wanted to get their lashes done. Sara opened a lash studio right on the Sunset Strip in 2013 and her business, as well as the demand for the lash services she provided, quickly grew. 

Inventor of the term “Camera Ready Lashes,” Sara began to attract celebrity clients, from music stars to actresses.  Sara never uses any less than the best tools and products available to ensure the best results possible. The health of lashes was just as important to her as the look of them, and she created the Outlaw Cosmetics’ lash serum to keep her clients’ lashes healthy and beautiful. 

Outlaw Cosmetics’ lash serum

The “I Love Lashes” lash serum line is packed with ingredients that help lashes flourish. Longer, stronger, and thicker lashes are possible naturally with the “I Love Lashes” lash serum. This serum is not only safe to be used in combination with lash extensions but also for contact wearers. It can even be used on eyebrows. 

Biotin peptide, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and myristoyl pentapeptide-17 combine to create this lash serum that nourishes lashes. The lash rehab kit combines the “I Love Lashes” lash serum with the “Lashcara” mascara. These two products combine to keep lashes looking and feeling their best. 


Outlaw Cosmetics has outdone themselves with a fantastic duo that makes lashes look and feel amazing. Created by talented and experienced lash artist Sara Edward Wayne, this duo is great to use in combination with a beautiful pair of lash extensions from Sara’s lash studio. 

Beautiful lashes can make the difference in a makeup look, and Outlaw Cosmetics is working to make sure that lashes look good with and without extensions. 

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