Mario Felidi launches The Pizzaman Talks Theism, a book that manifests the existence of God and enlightens journey of humanity

November 21 12:00 2022

From traveling the unknown world to the known, humans journey from ignorance to enlightenment – they have always looked for answers. There are many questions that yearn for answers. Humans will travel the whole universe, looking beyond the mysteries of the world to answer one overwhelming question – Does God exist?

Your answer might differ from other people. This question is subjective, depending on everyone’s own narratives. For many people, questioning the existence of God is unholy. It is a sin to doubt his existence, while for some people, it is one of the main queries in the history of humanity. This question will follow you everywhere in life.

For enlightened people, God does exist, and the whole universe is evidence, but where can you find him? ‘The Pizzaman Talks Theism’ by Mario Felidi is not just a book but a narrative that can change your whole life! The book will lead you to two pathways; either your soul will ask for more, or you will wish you never picked it up.

The Divine Comedy of Dante explains Hell is the antithesis of hope. When you lose all hope, it is real Hell. In Hell, you give up on hope because there is no salvation. After all, it is eternal life. For all people trying to find one ‘truth,’ it is a lifelong process. You cannot remain the same after knowing the truth. ‘The Pizzaman Talks Theism’ by Mario Felidi is a book that will change your life forever. If you are ready to find the truth, be brave enough to battle the flames – get your hands on this treasure book.

It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform yourself, so wake up before the call and get your book now by heading to the website or ordering it from Amazon!

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