Stop and Regrow Offers Guaranteed Hair Regrowth Solutions Based on One’s Lifestyle, Genes, and Blood Composition

September 23 17:45 2022
Dr. Ray Nettles targets the root cause of hair loss instead of treating its symptoms and applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

Hair loss has a significant impact on a person’s confidence regardless of one’s gender. To help as many hair loss sufferers as possible, Dr. Ray Nettles introduces Stop and Regrow, his brand of hair regrowth program guaranteed to reverse hair loss. The program is based on his 25 years of research, development, and clinical treatment to develop a new generation of personalized and proactive precision medicines.

The company’s hair regrowth guarantee was introduced to differentiate Stop and Regrow from the many products that do not work. Before accepting customers into the program, the company provides a free initial video consultation process to assess one’s eligibility and walks them through the program, the process, and the pricing. Customers also need to have live hair follicles that can be revitalized back to health for the program to be effective. By getting their lifestyle information, genetic makeup, and blood composition, Dr Nettles will review a complete picture of their overall health and well-being as well as all the biomarkers which lead to hair loss. It is because of this understanding of the true underlying causes of the symptom of hair loss that the program can guarantee to regrow hair.

“Stop and Regrow is the only program that can guarantee to regrow your hair,” says John Nettles, ”Stop and Regrow Program Manager. He adds that “Stress – especially stress about hair loss – can negatively impact hair regrowth. The guarantee enables customers to feel confident that Stop and Regrow will work for them and remove that stress of worrying about hair loss, thereby assisting their hair regrowth. We see that a positive belief in our program definitely helps your hair regrow faster than it otherwise would.”

“Imagine the choice and dose of your health product customized to your unique genetic code found in your blood analysis, not to combat illness, but to optimize your health from the inside, so healthy that hair cells will regrow thicker and revitalize, along with skin and muscle cells. This future is already here,” Dr. Nettles said.

The precision medicine initiative, built on the foundations of personalized functional medicine, was launched by then-president Barack Obama in 2015. However, Stop and Regrow was a pioneer in this field much earlier. Dr. Nettles realized very early in his quest to cure hair loss that a one-size-fits-all approach to treating only the “symptom” of hair loss was ineffective at best and even harmful for many.

“Today, we have the largest discrepancy in height and weight in recorded history, yet we’re dosing everyone’s medication and vitamins the same. Health products, vitamins, and medications are now customized based on nutritional and genetic biomarkers, providing precise outcomes without unknown side effects,” Dr. Nettles said.

As a former hair transplant surgeon and hair loss sufferer, Dr. Nettles knows how this condition greatly affects a person’s self-esteem. When he saw the balding of his father and older brothers, he realized he will be experiencing a similar destiny for himself. That is when he decided to investigate how DNA and genetic inheritance patterns affect hair loss.

He soon realized that hair transplants do not stop the progression of hair loss. In this discovery, he experienced an “AHA!” moment when he realized that testosterone has both good and bad components, much like how cholesterol has its good and bad types. He learned that the ratio between good and bad testosterone would lead to the development of precision medications that can stop and reverse hair loss.

Nine years into the practice, Dr. Nettles has helped thousands of patients who experienced positive results after signing up for his program. One of his clients, Rick, said “After having done a lot of searching, and I mean a lot, I concluded that Stop and Regrow was the most credible in getting my hair back with no surgery necessary. Still, before my first appointment, I was a little nervous and skeptical wondering if it was really possible. Throughout the appointment though, I saw the science to it all and how it was really possible to stop and regrow hair, no pun intended. I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Nettles’ method and walked out of that office feeling like a million bucks, knowing that this will work. Edit: it’s been 3 years now and can say that I have stopped my hair loss and regrown my lost hair back.”

According to the American Hair Loss Association, over 85% of men will suffer some form of hair loss in their life. Hair loss also impacts over 40% of women. Although many treatments promise to “grow hair,” stopping hair loss is necessary before the hair follicle is healthy enough to develop hair, let alone replace lost hair. Unfortunately, there are numerous solutions on the market with questionable science or limited performance.

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About Stop and Regrow

Stop and Regrow is a holistic program that treats the underlying biochemical cause of hair loss rather than just the outward symptom to stop hair loss and regrow thinning hair. Established by Dr. Ray Nettles in 2013, the company has grown to provide hair loss treatments and products trusted by customers across the country, and now around the world.

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