The Brand Behind The French Pro Players And Twitch Streamers MANE AKER and TAOUR

August 10 17:06 2022
Playing Counter Strike and League Of Legends, these two has become legends in the world of live stream

Counter Strike is one of the most played games right now. With over 24 million monthly active users, people of all ages play this game to spend their time and have some fun. But, some of these players take it more seriously, and dedicate their lives to the games. One of them is Mane Aker, a Counter Strike pro player.

Before trying to stop bombs and terror in the universe of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Mane Aker risked himself in the zombie apocalypse in a rural area of the United States. That game is called H1Z1: Just Survive. Aker played while he was live streaming to get the attention of his followers. But the popularity of this last game fell and he migrated to CS:GO, where the real game began.


With the vision of a first-person shooter in the game, against an act of terror, Aker catched the curiosity and excitement of more than 65,000 followers on his verified channel on Twitch platform.  And he is not the only one who is catching the attention of the public with online games. The 25 years old streamer Taour has over 165,000 followers on Twitch and livestreams another very famous game: League of Legends.

League of Legends is one of the biggest and popular games on the table right now. It’s a multiplayer game, where the player and his team make a strategy to break the enemy Nexus before the enemy breaks theirs.

With over 150 million registered players and 117 million actively playing LOL monthly, Taour has found his place among those as a pro player and succeeded to make fame. Playing and livestreaming almost daily, he managed to get a community very attached to him due his wacky humor.

Both of these pro players, Mane Aker and Taour, are discovering their way to grow their communities on Twitch platform and have the desire to become one of the biggest French streamers. Now, they’re both experimenting with gaming tables in search of that hard-to-get big win.


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