Messier Team Announces VIRGO, the Treasury Of Their DAO

August 03 22:18 2022

The team at Messier is developing a wide range of decentralized products & services that offer solutions to common problems consumers face in the DeFi sector. These products & services will launch across a multitude of networks and will collect user fees that are automatically sent to the treasury of the Messier DAO named Virgo. Virgo will operate solely on smart contracts and will use the funds in the treasury to purchase tokens that are voted on by M87 token stakers. Virgo’s immutable smart contracts will purchase the proposed upon tokens and delegate these to M87 token stakers. There are smart contracts in Virgo that ensure there will be frequent buy & burn on the M87 token, which will help increase its value by adding liquidity to its pair & reducing its circulating supply.

All of the products & services created by the team at Messier will be designed to help further the DeFi space by improving the many facets that are needed in order for cryptocurrencies to be viable alternatives to fiat currencies. At Messier, we believe that everyone should have the right to privacy, the right to financial security and the right to freely transact. Every Messier product & service that has been or will be developed is done so from the core belief that the protection & preservation of these rights is our moral obligation and of utmost importance.

M87 Token

M87 is the Messier governance token that investors are able to trade in the open market or stake in the upcoming Virgo DAO to earn passive income. The various products & services created by Messier will collect fees from a wide range of consumers, which will then send these fees to the treasury of Virgo.

The Black Hole

The team at Messier is honored to introduce the first of many applications to come from deep within the void of the embellished dark source of unending creation. From within this darkness, we have created a synergistic machine that shall prevail where all others have failed; we will bridge the gap between the centralized & decentralized world through our many developments to come.

For far too long have we witnessed the exploitation of personal data, financial hardship of the public and the deliberate decimation of all forms of liberty. We cannot and will not stand by idly any longer! Our fellow man has fallen prey to a system designed to enslave those whom it claims to serve, whilst offering in return the mere illusion of freedom.

Black Hole is a fully decentralized application that allows users to deposit & withdraw funds anonymously to a wallet of their choosing, allowing for private transacting. It improves blockchain security & privacy by severing the on-chain link between a depositing address and a receiving address. Transactions performed on the blockchain ultimately form one long chain of code, which results in the ability to easily trace the origin and destination of any cryptocurrency; this was not the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto when Bitcoin was created and it is something that must be avoided if privacy is to be maintained.



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