DreamGravity: Designing The Future in Just 50 Minutes

November 30 08:00 2021
The career planning landscape is no longer neglected. Thanks to the world’s first gamified career tool, DreamGravity.

November 29, 2021 – Today, numerous career assessments are available in the market. Some assess abilities and some test personality. Others evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help you guide in your career. Unfortunately, none of them have the ability to find out what you are genuinely passionate about and help you overcome the quarter-life crisis. 

“DreamGravity uses digital and gamified exercises, which make the process of career planning more enjoyable. Today, one can quickly build a career master plan using scientific research in just 50 minutes.”

Fortunately, there’s a tool that’s designed to help people drive their own future and overcome the quarter-life crisis. DreamGravity, the world’s first digital, gamified career planning tool, helps build a career master plan in just 50 minutes. Most importantly, it uses scientific research on achievement to provide you a digitally facilitated step-by-step process in designing your career. 

Most people are familiar with the term “midlife crisis” and all the distress that comes with it. However, most people go through similar emotional anguish in their mid-twenties. This phase of life is called the quarter-life crisis, and it brings along many questions related to the career. DreamGravity helps people going through the quarter-life crisis and drives them towards the state of self-discovery. 

“A quarter-life crisis is a challenge many young adults face globally, and I believe this is a problem worth solving. I hope that DreamGravity can help people rethink what work means. Work shouldn’t be thought of as something you need to do to get by in life. Instead, work should be thought of as a series of activities that will get you closer to your aspirations in life.” – Eric K. Desman, Founder, DreamGravity. 

Eric K. Desman, the Founder of DreamGravity, was a Management Consultant for Deloitte Consulting. Eric thrives when it comes to delivering consulting engagements and has worked with Fortune500 companies and government agencies in four countries and six cities. He built DreamGravity while working as a management consultant for a global consulting firm. Eric wants everyone to find the answer to the most common question faced by all of us: Where do I see myself in the next ten years?

DreamGravity offers you a Career Strategizer tool that provides step-by-step guidance in designing your career digitally. It eliminates the need for in-person career coaching and saves you from awkwardness. Moreover, DreamGravity provides virtual, interactive frameworks that help you visualize, articulate, design, and document your strategies. Over and above, you will get a personalized report with additional play recommendations based on your Career Strategizer. 

About Us: 

DreamGravity is built to help people design their future. The exercises developed by the expert team are entirely self-led. The team at DreamGravity is on a mission to help everyone visualize their career and strategize the path to achieving it. 

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