Homeowners in Charlotte Prepare for Common Autumn Pests

October 19 21:24 2021

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a beautiful place to live, especially in the fall. Like all cities, though, it suffers its share of pest problems. Local residents can read on to find out what they need to know about the most common autumn pests in the area so they can prepare their homes now instead of waiting until an infestation occurs.


Roaches are one of the state’s most despised pests. They arrive in local homes in the fall looking for food, water, and shelter from the cold, then take up residence and stick around until homeowners call an exterminator. Roach infestations can get out of control fast, so it’s best to take action immediately.

Roaches are notoriously difficult to control. DIY measures tend to push them farther back into smaller hiding spots or other rooms of the home where they can start to breed all over again. Preventative measures for cockroaches would also include keeping gutters clean and trimming back vegetation touching the home.  Only a well-trained eye can identify the tiny holes that roaches use to come and go from the home, so it’s best to call Sustainable Pest Systems as soon as the pests appear.

Overwintering Nuisance Insects

Many insects in North Carolina overwinter instead of heading south when the temperatures start to drop. Beetles, ladybugs, box elder bugs, and stink bugs all seek refuge in the small gaps inside and around homes, and while they’re generally harmless to humans, they can become quite a nuisance if they have a chance to settle in for the winter.

The best way to deal with overwintering insects is to seal the house up now to prevent them from getting in. Many of these pests are quite beneficial to local ecosystems, so exclusion is the name of the game. Keep them outside where they belong instead of exterminating them and they’ll be ready and willing to help homeowners control garden pests come spring.


Like nuisance insects, mice often enter Charlotte homes looking for shelter as winter approaches. Unfortunately, these filthy critters also bring disease-causing bacteria with them, making them poor house guests.

Mice can fit into surprisingly tiny holes and can chew through most natural materials given enough time. It’s best to schedule preventative rodent control services instead of waiting until they move in because mouse infestations get out of control fast. Visit https://sustainablepest.com/ to learn about one local pest control company that can help.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Bees, wasps, and hornets tend to become more active in the fall. Just like other animals, they need to prepare for winter by collecting food for their growing colonies. Though these stinging insects are quite beneficial to the environment and rarely take up residence inside of people’s homes, they can be quite a nuisance if they build nests nearby.  They do belong in peoples yards just not in homes, unless they propose a threat to someone’s safety. 

A good pest control specialist will relocate bees’ nests instead of destroying them. That way, the bees will still be able to perform their vital work come spring, but they won’t be around to sting residents or cause pets and kids unnecessary distress.

Schedule Preventative Pest Control Services

The best thing Charlotte homeowners can do to protect their homes from autumn pests is to schedule preventative pest control services. Sustainable Pest Systems provides family and environmentally friendly pest control.

Visit https://sustainablepest.com/contact/ or call (919) 752-5191 to reach an expert who can help.

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