Halen A New Disruptive Solution for Online Shoppers That Incorporates Six Mobile Services Storms the Marketplace

June 21 12:19 2021
With Halen, it is now possible for users to control their activities from a single app

All consumers want is efficiency. They want to carry out their daily activity without hassle, which includes easy access to mobile services. Moreover, as the COVID-19 pandemic looms, the desire for quick service access and seamless flow of processes is taking a different shape, and more than ever before, consumers want to get things done quickly and in record time.

Halen is developed for all consumers who love convenience without loss of control. The app is a mobile solution that incorporates rideshare, restaurant delivery, retail delivery, grocery delivery, vacation rental, and travel bookings. It means users do not need to have or use separate apps to access these services as they can do so from Halen.

The Halen franchise model is an important feature that sets it out in the league of mobile solutions for online shoppers. Halen is locally-owned and adapts to meet the needs of people in the communities where it is operated. This means that local businesses and entrepreneurs offering any of the services featured on Halen can be placed on the app so customers can reach and patronize them from the app.

Community engagement and local partnerships are solid corporate priorities at the core of Halen’s philosophy. The developers of Halen do not believe that profits need to be earned on the backs of businesses featured on the app. Instead, Halen promises to profit all of its stakeholders in meaningful ways, making it a leader in proving that a company can be financially successful and good for the world at the same time.

With Halen, users do not have to keep track of multiple accounts across several apps or risk storing their credit card information with numerous vendors with varying security capacities.

Drivers can scale their profit by working cross-functionally and not switching between apps, while partners can benefit from Halen’s franchise-based model and enjoy low charges for usage.

Currently, the developers are seeking $75 in campaign funds to support the launch of Halen. The funds will be used to perfect the app’s software, hire key staff, engage in aggressive marketing campaigns, and provide supporters with gifts.

To join in the campaign or learn more about Halen, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/halen-the-future-of-mobile-services-apps–3/coming_soon.

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