Zipcab – A Pet-Friendly Private Taxi Service Rolls Out Its Flagship Ride Booking App

June 21 11:04 2021
Zipcab - A Pet-Friendly Private Taxi Service Rolls Out Its Flagship Ride Booking App
The company is against no-pet policies and unjust surge pricing set by cab services – they’re changing this via a top-tier, pet-friendly private taxi service & launched an app for easy booking

Thousands of cabs roam around the roads of Portsmouth, including that of the ride-sharing platforms. However, even after decades of service, cab drivers haven’t completely understood an average passenger’s needs. The recent story of a blind woman getting refused by 14 drivers just because of her support dog proves just that. This is just one example of what an everyday taxi passenger has to go through.

To eliminate such mishaps and ensure people get a smooth, convenient and affordable private taxi service, Zipcab is established. Owned by seasoned private hire cab drivers, Zipcab is set to break the monopolies of giant ride-sharing platforms with mechanical hearts – the company is created for the people, by the people. With a widespread network of top-tier drivers and a mobile application to book a ride on the go, the company is set to be people’s choice for a convenient and safe commute.

The founders of Zipcab have been maneuvering through Portsmouth’s streets for over two decades; they’re familiar with the people, their needs, and the routes of the waterfront city. Over the years, they observed the cab services’ loopholes and shortcomings, including absurd no-pet policies and unfair surge prices. They aim to change all that, which led to the foundation of Zipcab; one of a kind private taxi service with only one goal – to make everyday commute convenient and easier.

Zipcab has a lineup of extremely dedicated, friendly, and cooperative driving savants. But on top of this, their drivers don’t hit the pedal after seeing a pet – leaving customers behind. The company is more than happy to transport people along with their pets which is why the Zipcab app comes with a ‘Petcab’ option. This will ensure every passenger receives world-class treatment with the service.

Furthermore, unlike most ride-sharing services where the fares rise up to 3.0x during busy hours, Zipcab keeps a tight lid over surge prices – they never rise above 2.0x regular prices. This allows them to meet the increasing demand while also not being hard on their customers’ pockets.

The Zipcab app comes with a myriad of features that only the giant ride-sharing corporations have, including GPS tracking, rating system, vehicle selection, fare estimation, etc. Plus, Zipcab has a loyalty program giving back free rides worth £10 to the customers that continue choosing them for the everyday ride.

“We’re so proud to finally seeing a reality version of our dream of offering people a private taxi service free from absurd no-pet policies and unjust fares. We’ve employed the A-team of drivers after rigorous interviews and background checks, which other cab services should do but don’t. This will not only offer an excellent commute experience to our passengers but will ensure their safety and security.” – Jonathan O’Neill (CEO)

To know more about Zipcab or to procure their services, contact them via 07470573696 or visit their website

About Zipcab:

Zipcabs is a locally owned business offering a private hire service with a smile. Their Portsmouth-based taxi drivers are always focused on making the trip as comfortable, safe, and timely as they can for their customers. Zipcab’s founders have been driving in Portsmouth since 2001 and now started up their own private hire service to plug the gaps they’ve noticed over the years driving for other established firms. To even further ensure customer satisfaction, Zipcab keeps a tight lid over surge prices – they never rise above 2.0x regular prices.

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