Leading online travel business expert BookOnBoard unveils list of best solar-powered gadgets

May 03 18:51 2021

Leading online travel business expert BookOnBoard has unveiled a list of the best solar-powered gadgets for camping as more people look to travel again as vaccinations against COVID-19 become more widely available. 

“Solar-powered gadgets and accessories have become the rage in energy-saving technology as more people strive to be eco-friendly,” a representative of the company said in a statement. “There are currently thousands of products in the market advertised as outdoor-friendly and cost-efficient. This makes picking the right product a great challenge.”

BookOnBoard is one of Dubai’s leading internet-based online resources for web-based tourism information about places to visit, hotels to stay in, and transports to catch.

In its latest list, BookOnBoard recommends the best solar gadgets 2021 for outdoor enthusiasts. Despite the many benefits of having solar devices, the company said many travelers often choose not to buy because of the misconception that they are expensive. 

“In reality, there are a lot of these gadgets that range from $30 to $200,” the representative said. “Even with a tight budget, travelers can have a high-grade gadget to carry when traveling or even on outdoor parties.”

BLAVOR’s Solar Power Bank Portable Charger topped the list, with BookOnBoard citing its compact size, making it easy to fit in the outer pockets of hiking backpacks. Apart from being affordable, the item also works as a flashlight and a compass.

The FosPower Emergency Solar comes next on the list. It’s an all-in-one emergency kit that can be used in more than three methods: as a source of light, information hub, and distress alarm.

Also included in the list is the Luposwiten Solar Light, which is packed with 100 LEDs with a cool white color that is pleasing to the eyes and illuminates a wide range. 

Outdoor enthusiasts who want to read BookOnBoard’s complete list could head on to its website for the best solar gadgets.

“We have presented an impressive list of 10 best solar gadgets 2020 as more people count on this year as a banner for travel-filled memories. For travelers who want something budget-friendly but does the job, we’ve got you,” the representative said.

With years of experience in the online commercial and private travel industry, travelers can turn to the website for the best tourist spots, destinations, hotels, flights, and other travel services.

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