What are the main characteristics of the K-type prefabricated house?

April 14 14:32 2021

In fact, the K-type prefabricated house is also called the slope roof prefabricated house. It is divided into three types: ordinary prefabricated house, standard prefabricated house and prefabricated house in the current market. Nowadays, according to the needs of customers, standard modules can be used for space combination, light steel structure is used to form its skeleton system, and sandwich wall panels and PU tiles are used to form the enclosure and roof system. The temporary construction concept of simple and beautiful, quick construction, safe use, and universal standards is realized. It is a temporary housing product that enters an industrialized production, can be stocked, and can be used for multiple turnover.


K-type prefabricated houses are widely used in roads; urban municipal, commercial and other temporary houses. The house can be disassembled many times and reused: temporary office, with good decorative effect. The K-type prefabricated house has the performance, soft texture and flat surface. It is a temporary house that enters into an industrialized production, can be stocked, and can be used for multiple turnovers. Only simple tools are required for the installation process.

The K-type prefabricated house has strong versatility and a temporary parking lot. The K-type prefabricated house structure is adopted to form its skeleton system. Space is combined with a standard modulus, moisture-proof, beautiful in appearance, and indoor and outdoor are colored decorative panels.

type prefabricated house is easy to disassemble and assemble, can be used repeatedly, low loss rate, quick construction, and safe to use. Housing design is reasonable, the normal service life is more than ten years, and the normal service life can be more than 10 years for temporary construction houses for field operations such as railways, convenient transportation, and urban municipal administration, conference rooms, and headquarters. The stairs are set outdoors. It is simple and beautiful, easy to disassemble and reorganize. The indoor partition can be set on any horizontal axis, and the temporary maintenance department is safe and reliable. It meets the requirements of building structure design specifications, temporary gas stations, etc.


Although there is a lot of information about K-style prefabricated house, if the buyer wants to understand K-style mobile homes, the buyer needs to master more relevant information. However, by interpreting the above information, Vance can further understand the K-type mobile room, and by letting more people know and understand the K-type mobile room, the application range of the K-type mobile room can be broadened. Vanhe company has been engaged in the installation and construction of K-type prefabricated houses for many years and has rich construction experience. According to customer requirements, K-type prefabricated houses of different scales and styles can be installed.

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