Coaching4Companies Launches Executive Coaching Service in Shanghai to Elevate Leadership and Business Growth

January 23 18:50 2023
Through the newly introduced 1:1 executive and team coaching programs in Shanghai, business leaders are to expect accelerated and sustainable personal and career development.

Coaching4Companies, a global provider of executive coaching services, has announced the launch of its service in Shanghai, with a focus on Executive Talent across all levels of an organization. The specialist group, which has accounted for over 500 accomplished senior executives in more than 10 major business metropolises worldwide and across a variety of industries, is poised to replicate its success in China’s commercial capital by improving corporate performance.

Through the newly introduced 1:1 executive and team coaching programs in Shanghai, business leaders are to expect accelerated and sustainable personal and career development. As indicated during the launch, it features customized action plans during in-person and virtual workshops that are designed to enhance leadership development, strategic thinking, decision making, culture building, self-awareness and regulation, resilience, and effective communication.

In addition to being a significant milestone in the company’s expansion drive, the move is also indicative of a growing need for executive coaching in China. For a country with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and an increasingly sophisticated corporate environment, it comes as no surprise that many of China’s leading business minds seek coaching support.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, in many countries more than 70% of companies use executive coaching to develop their leaders. And while China has been lagging this global trend there has been a noticeable upturn in recent years. Another study by the Manchester Consulting Group found that executive coaching can lead to a return on investment of up to 5 times the cost of coaching. The training is not just beneficial to C-level executives, but also to managers and high-potential staff.

Having conducted extensive market research, interviews with senior executives and top industry professionals, and a series of pilot programs across a wide range of industries, Coaching4Companies is confident in its delivery and quality. Hence, it is willing to work with local companies to support their growth objectives. Backed by a team of coaching consultants, the group hopes to make a real impact on the city’s business community and help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Speaking on the recent launch, a spokesperson for the company said, “Human Capabilities”are in high demand among Chinese companies operating in this time and age. Due to the ever-evolving business landscape and market demand, these firms are forced to adapt, and that puts a strain on their management and leadership abilities.

“Our goal is to ensure that all company leaders become better able to handle the constant pressure and the fast pace of modern business. Through a holistic and bespoke approach, we believe that we can empower these individuals and allow them to take their organizations to the next level,” the spokesperson concluded.

About Coaching4Companies

Coaching4Companies is a specialized group of professional executive coaches and corporate trainers that provides one-on-one executive and team coaching to Executive Talent across all levels of an organization. Embedded in its service are custom-tailored coaching, workshops, and training sessions that provide real and lasting impact for all business leaders, and help them achieve personal and professional goals. The company operates in more than 10 business city hubs across the world, namely: London, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Dubai, Sydney, and now Shanghai.

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