Kolorful.com launches a stereotype-breaking brand for soft, sustainable gender-neutral baby clothes full of color

August 15 21:15 2022
Kolorful is a US-based infant & baby clothing store that leads the way in revolutionizing the industry by embracing the limitless potential of children to break the boundaries of gender norms.

Kolorful is a mission-focused online marketplace specializing in colorful gender-neutral clothes, redefining how parents think of unisex clothes to be so much more than grey.

Founded in late 2021 by Lian Swanson, a Seattle-based mom, Kolorful is on a mission to create collections of gender-neutral baby clothes that intentionally avoid the pink and blue gender dichotomy and provide parents with soft, sustainable options that are fresh, fun, and full of color.

“Many parents are presented with limited options heavily centered around gender stereotypes; dinosaurs in blues and greens or unicorns in pinks and purples. This exaggeration of boy vs. girl impacts children as they begin to understand what is deemed acceptable based on the norms of their gender. This is where harmful stereotypes begin. Kolorful aims to break those gender norms for children,” says Lian.

As Kolorful enters the world as the “new kid in town” alongside industry giants, Lian believes Kolorful can bring something different and vitally crucial to parents navigating this ever-changing world.

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“Kolorful wants to make the overtly gendered boys and girls sections a thing of the past while keeping a heavy dose of playfulness. We’re talking about fashion, after all, and Kolorful believes childhood is the perfect time to redefine the arbitrary boundaries of expression,” adds Lian, who, as a mom, struggled with the restrictive gender-based shopping experience.

Customers believe that Kolorful is breaking the boundaries of gender norms by delivering on its purpose to provide a selection of colorful high-quality clothing paired with excellent customer service.

Jennifer D., a verified customer from Washington, said she loves the way Kolorful deconstructs gender stereotypes.

“I gifted this to a friend for baby #2, and she loved them! Most of all, she appreciated the gender neutrality and sustainable packaging,” Jennifer wrote in a review.

Dorian, another verified customer, said their friend loved the clothes he bought for her baby.

“I bought a couple of outfits for a friend who just had a baby. She loves them. Not only are they so cute, but also so soft they make you want to cuddle all the time. It got delivered super quickly, too,” wrote Dorian.

Meanwhile, Caitlin G., a verified customer from Texas, wrote: “Highly recommend! The customer service is wonderful.”


Kolorful is a mom-run business with big dreams of becoming the preferred brand for gender-neutral baby clothes that are sustainable and organic.

Customers may visit Kolorful.com to see its bright and playful selection of bodysuit sets, rompers, knotted gowns, newborn gift sets, and more. To learn more about Kolorful and its mission to break down childhood gender stereotypes, they can visit Kolorful.com and follow @getkolorful on Instagram and TikTok.

Kolorful Founder, Lian Swanson, pictured on the right with her family

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