Lighthouse Network Offers Christian Mental Health Counseling in the USA

May 11 00:57 2022

Lighthouse Network connects people with the right Christian treatment program. They are uniquely equipped to assist, encourage, and instill hope in all of their callers. The ministry works with various types of insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare. It is was founded by Karl Benzio, MD, a Christian psychiatrist. Over the years, the ministry has partnered with other regional and national ministries to apply Jesus’ healing message to several behavioral health and life management issues. They are committed to ensuring that one gets access to the right Christian treatment program.

Speaking about the ministry’s helpline service, the company spokesperson said, “When one is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, they are usually faced with many problems. They find it difficult to navigate the complicated healthcare system to get to treatment. Our ministry understands this challenge and that’s why it offers excellent helpline services to callers. We usually guide people through the healthcare system.”

For various Americans, daily life is usually a struggle. This is because many individuals find it difficult to manage their emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger, their behaviors such as cutting themselves, eating disorders, and many more. They are faced with numerous mental health issues that negatively impact their relationship with themselves, the loved ones in their life, and with God. At Lighthouse Network, they assist people in getting the mental health treatment they may need. The ministry is committed to offering hope to its callers. Those wondering where to find reliable Christian mental health treatment centers can consider contacting the ministry.

Speaking about the benefits of mental health counseling, the company spokesperson said, “Mental health counseling is a great option for individuals struggling with mental health problems. Whether one has relationship problems or stress in their lives, they can benefit from the counseling. Here are some benefits of mental health counseling. The service normally improves one’s self-acceptance and self-esteem, communication, and interpersonal skills. It provides relief from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Moreover, mental health counseling enhances one’s ability to solve problems and conflict resolution.”

Looking for Christian mental health counseling near me? Lighthouse Network offers a wide range of resources about the various mental health issues which use science to explain God’s healing and design to renew one’s mind. Over the years, they have seen peoples’ lives change as they understand more psychological principles and believe in and apply the various incredible biblical promises, instructions, and encouragement. The ministry is aware of the fact that faith and spirituality offer the values, morals, guidelines, and clear lenses to process particular information and evaluate what a good decision is. That is why they provide Christian mental health counseling that connects individuals to God.

About Lighthouse Network

Lighthouse Network offers 24/7 helpline services and numerous online life-growth resources. With them, calls can get access to various outpatient and residential Christian treatment options. The ministry assists individuals in finding freedom, joy, and peace to achieve their God-given potential. They focus on people struggling with alcohol addiction, depression, eating disorders, relationships, and many more.

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