LAM Holding, Inc. today announced that its European operation has introduced multi-currency capabilities as part of the company’s comprehensive suite of services for its white label clients.

January 25 05:14 2022
LAM Holding, Inc. today announced that its European operation has introduced multi-currency capabilities as part of the company's comprehensive suite of services for its white label clients.

Rome, Italy – European consumers use a variety of currencies. The executives at LAM Holdings were aware that one of the most popular cards features had to be the capacity to store numerous currencies when it recently introduced its digitally driven debit card and software programs for individuals and businesses. They realized that having the ability to maintain several currencies was essential for its business clients’ White Label projects.

LAM is a multi-continent payment provider that creates debit cards and mobile wallet programs to create end-to-end payment solutions. Its white-label prepaid card solutions allow companies to have their name and logo on a debit card and comprehensive software services. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, businesses must consider how they may benefit from them. The firm has recently entered Europe to fill the gap in access to debit cards and mobile wallets for particular demographics, particularly millennials, Generation Xers, and the unbanked. However, it became clear that enterprises wanted to implement multi-currencies loads immediately after.

“We attribute our rapid expansion in Europe to our ability to adapt our services and offerings to meet the needs of clients and react to feedback. The multi-currency option was not a part of LAM Holdings’ initial card program features. Still, we quickly recognized it was an important alternative for this particular area, especially for businesses.” said a spokesperson for LAM Holdings, INC. The core White Label software, and debit card solutions include the client’s name and logo, are used worldwide via iOS and Android app or physical card, and can hold up to twelve currencies, including Euros and British pounds. Swiss francs, Polish zloty, Swedish kronor, Croatian kuna, and more.  

LAM works with clients on the fee structure, fund distribution channel, software design, integrations, and card features. It then administers and manages the program on its behalf upon completion of the IP. White Label solutions employ cutting-edge digital platforms for administration interfaces, API connections, and secure encryption for sign-ups, KYC, sponsor banks, call centers, and fulfillment centers for a complete white glove and hands of experience, 

“We will watch for features such as multi-currency storage that enable people and businesses to make digital payment tools to preserve the economic freedoms of individuals and enterprises worldwide.” A representative from LAM Holdings, INC stated. Furthermore, As mobile wallets and debit programs continue to flourish in Europe and across the world, we will be particularly attentive to characteristics relating to digital currency and the tools associated with them.

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LAM Holdings Inc. is a payment services company that provides cutting-edge payment solutions to many of today’s top Fintech and cryptocurrency businesses as an independently owned and operated card issuing provider, software provider, and payment facilitator. We are a top-rated firm that has been delivering exceptional client service with a team that has over 100 years of experience in payments and payment methodologies. We specialize in developing and running worldwide card programs, remittance platforms, and other banking solutions for our clients. The LAM platform allows Fintech firms to identify game-changing ideas through advanced technology, allowing them to provide their customers with a completely personalized product.

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