Memorygram, A truly unique and beautiful way to capture memorable life moments in the form of a book

January 12 17:12 2022
The books are available in different languages and come with the option of multiple storytellers.

Based in Austin Texas, Memorygram is a one-of-a-kind digital storytelling platform that helps people turn their precious life moments into a book using their service. People can create a custom book of memories by sharing their stories and pictures with Memorygram. The process is straightforward and offers customization to make it a valuable keepsake.

“Sharing stories and reflecting on memories throughout your life is a gift not only for yourself, but also your loved ones. The process of reminiscing reveals important values, preferences, and characteristics unique to your personal identity, family history, and cultural makeup. To cherish these memories, Memorygram enables us to transcribe the special moments across our lifetime in the form of a book,” said Sara Damiano, the Founder of Memorygram.

“In my decade-long career in healthcare, I have seen many families struggle to share meaningful conversations, which leads to distress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology researchers has found that reminiscing increases social connectedness, meaning in life, self-continuity, optimism, self-esteem and positive mood. We built Memorygram utilizing a scientific approach to enhance nostalgia and bring a greater sense of meaning to the lives of our users,” Sara added.

The story collection process is well defined as Memorygram sends open-ended questions to the recipient every week for a year and collects their responses and images in a book. In the end, recipients also can customize the hard book cover to their liking. 

“Our process is flexible and empowering for users as we carefully created a user design interface with the goal of putting the recipient at ease. They can choose a question from our library containing hundreds of questions, let the program choose randomly, or even create a question for themselves. We believe in autonomy and representation, the memory book is beyond just photos, it is a customized story of your life,” said Sara. 

Instant delivery, fast shipping, additional copies, multi-language, high-quality books with thick paper, custom-designed cover styles, money-back guarantee are some of the impressive features of Memorygram. 

“Our customer-centric approach is what makes us different in the industry. We truly believe in creating beautiful and long-lasting memories for our clients. For every book ordered with Memorygram, we donate a book to local libraries and community-based organizations supporting literacy for children in need,” Sara added.

Memorygram currently focuses on US, Canadian, Australian, and UK markets.

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