Black powder filtration, Wringing Separator Solution Success Story by Dr. Samer El Mohtadi

January 07 17:04 2022
Black powder filtration, Wringing Separator Solution Success Story by Dr. Samer El Mohtadi
Black powder filtration, Wringing Separator Solution Success Story by Dr. Samer El Mohtadi
The fuel gas is being supplied through a 36” pipeline to the existing double stage gas filtration station consisting of cyclo-cartridge system with duty and standby configuration.

Black Powder Challenge

The cartridges were getting choked with black powder very frequently (within five days of operation) which requires two days to replace them. The choked filters if not cleaned promptly could result in reduced supply pressure that could lead to complete plant shutdown.

For filter cartridges replacement (each vessel), it requires approximately 2-days (i.e., approx. 320 Man-hours). Additionally, crane, compressor, scaffolding, water tanker and hydraulic wrench are required with average cost of USD 50,000.

Drawback of Cyclo-cartridge system

The first stage (Cyclone section) is designed to remove more than 95% down to 8 microns at design flow rate. While the second stage (Cartridge section) shall remove the smaller particles with removal efficiency of more than 99% down to one micron.

However, most of the black powder particles are fine and less than 8 microns down to submicron’s as well.

Therefore, the first stage cyclone separator is almost useless investment, as it is bypassed by most of the black powder which will quickly clog the second stage cartridge filters.


To overcome the overwhelming situation and related operational cost due to frequent cartridge replacement, it was decided to install the Wringing Separator after due diligence and visiting some sites where the wringing separator system is running successfully since years.

Advantages of the Wringing Separator

• Separation of solid and / or liquids in one single stage; no need for double-stage nor for standby.

• Maintenance free and no spare parts are required.

• Online cleaning (manual or automatic) without process interruption.

• Robust to the change of gas source, contaminants type and loading unlike conventional filters.

• Safe as there is no interaction of the operation personnel with the filter.

• No choking nor clogging.

• Negligible and constant pressure drop at both clean and dirty conditions.

• Constant separation efficiency regardless of the fluctuations of the gas flowrate and pressure.

• Environmentally friendly.

• High turn down ratio.

Customer satisfaction

• Since installing the wringing separator upstream, customer is not replacing anymore the cartridges.

• The differential pressure is constant.

• Separation efficiency exceeded the cyclo-cartridge system.

• No need any longer for dedicated team for urgent cartridge replacement.

• Millions of USD saved so far from operational and shutdown costs.

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