New York based tech company BredyLab helping businesses to create successful MVP through proven practical strategy

December 02 23:15 2021
BredyLab is empowering businesses to create a successful product that customers are dying to buy.

New Rochelle, NY – December 02, 2021 – Around 95% of new products tend to fail. Major reasons behind the epic failure include lack of product-market fit (34%) and impractical marketing campaigns (22%). In other words, most of the businesses are yet to discover how to build a product that can actually address the crucial pain-points of the target niche. In that light, NY-based leading software development company BredyLab has come up with a proven and result-oriented strategy that will help businesses to create a successful mvp product design that customers would be yearning to buy.  

BredyLab is an initiative by veteran software developer and product design consultant, Erwin Bredy, who is backed by 15+ years of industry experience.

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In an exclusive interview, Erwin shared that most of the businesses develop their product as if they are throwing darts hoping something will stick. The problem is the process is both time and cost-consuming and does not guarantee success all the time. The NY-based web development company is aimed to turn the table here by helping businesses to actually hit the target as quickly as possible and that too without burning the entire cash on marketing.

“The most important criterion for a product or MVP to succeed is its ability to meet customer expectations. But, it’s not always possible for businesses to predict customers’ needs and develop irresistible products, until now. This is where our innovative software development approach comes to help”, stated Erwin.  

“Instead of throwing mud at the wall randomly hoping that something sticks, our cutting-edge minimum viable product development approach dives deeper. We try to explore the various ways your MVP idea could effectively improve the lives of your customers. We also make sure to assess whether or not your product idea could be viable or not so that you don’t have to waste money in promoting an otherwise futile product”, explained Erwin. 

BredyLab has developed a powerful and tested 3-step approach that will help businesses to improve their product ideas with a success-driven approach and take the guesswork out of product development. 

The 3-step process involves three stages- Explore, Express, and Experiment. 


In this stage, Erwin and his expert team will try to discover the potential market for a product idea formulated by the client-business. They will explore various parameters here, ranging from the size of the market, the customer needs, whether at all the customers are looking for that solution and are willing to pay the desired price, and so on. If the market research reveals a strong potential for the product idea in its target market, then only the company will take the idea to the next stage. 


Next, the mobile development company will build a landing page based on the inputs derived from the first stage and check the conversion rates. If the results look positive, the company will look for improvement areas and guide the client-business to build on its product idea. Together, they will create a prototype and try to receive customer feedback on it. If the customer feedback looks positive, then only BredyLab will take the product to the next stage. If not, they will again look for areas for change and re-touch on the product prototype.


If the prototype shows promise, Erwin and his team will help the client-business to build the actual product and move past meeting user needs to pique the rate of user engagement- and eventually the rate of product sales. 

“What makes our process a success is that we count on an in-depth ‘data-driven’ approach here which helps us to get a clear idea on what would work, what wouldn’t, and why. It not only enables us to bring to you a success-oriented product development process but also allows us to save you from wasting money and time on marketing a product that won’t work.” 

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