What Is The Correct Method To Wear A Wig?

December 02 16:56 2021
What Is The Correct Method To Wear A Wig?

With the increasing popularity of wigs, many girls choose wigs to change their hairstyle. But some people look unnatural after wearing a wig. The reason is that the method is not right. The original intention of wearing wigs is to pursue beauty, but the wrong wearing method will not only lead to unnatural hair style, but also increase the risk of falling the wig. If this happens, it will be more embarrassing. But how do you wear a wig?


First of all, we need to prepare tools: a special comb for wigs and a special hair net for wearing wigs (when buying hair wigs, businesses usually send them as a complete set).

Wearing steps:

1. Take out the special hair net for wig, put the double opening hair net on the neck, and put the end with elastic band at the lower end (because the new hair net has great elasticity, be careful not to pull the hair). After putting it on the neck, tidy up the hair, tie the excess hair in the back into a ponytail or coil it up, and fix it with a black clip.

2. Open the hair net and lift it up, lift the end with elastic band to the hairline (if the hairline is high and you want to lower the hairline, you can lift it to the desired hairline), hold the end of the hairline with both hands and lift it up until the wrapped hair in front is completely wrapped.

3. Adjust the hair around the elastic band of the hair net so that the hair at the hairline is not exposed. Tie the front of the hair net end, and the coiled hair shall be evenly rubbed at the back of the head and tiled at the back of the head. Pay attention to closing the opening of the hair net end and fix it with a black clip (pay attention not to coil the hair on the top of the head). If you are afraid that the hair net is not firm, you can also fix it with a black clip at the front, back, left and right of the hair net.


4. Comb the wig with a special comb for wig (do not use a comb for wig with curvature, straighten it by hand as much as possible), buckle the hair wig on the net cap, adjust it according to the mirror during operation, wear it from back to front, and fix the hair wig after wearing it to satisfaction (there are four fixed hairpins at the front, back, left and right of the top of the wig head cover. Insert the hairpin into the net cap respectively, and fix and clamp the net cap together with the original hair. If the hair wig you buy has an adjusting straps to adjust the cap size e of the hair wig, you can also adjust the adjusting straps to tightly fasten the wig cap, which can make the hair wig more firm).

5. Finally, adjust the hairline position of the wig. Make the hair and hair net not exposed, and then comb the hair with a comb or hand.

According to the above steps, the hair wig is even worn. I believe that through this article, you should have a general understanding of the wearing of wigs. If you still can’t wear wigs or have other questions about other wig products, you can contact us through the comment function of the system, and we will answer the questions of each reader. Thank you.

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