Sportoong Reports Spike in Field Hockey Players in 2021

November 23 15:20 2021
Sportoong Reports Spike in Field Hockey Players in 2021
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The Sportoong company has recently released their report of field hockey players in 2021, which shows a spike in the number of players. The study was conducted by asking people to report how many times they played or watched hockey last year. Results show that there were 5 million more participants than the previous year!

This is huge news for the sport of field hockey and could be an indication that it may soon overtake baseball as America’s favorite pastime. The Sportoong Report defines “field hockey” to include both indoor and outdoor games played on natural grass or artificial turf fields with goals at each end.

The Sportoong survey found that last year, more than five million people played field hockey at least once. Nearly one million people played it on a regular basis, which is up from just one million four years ago. This shows the clear increase in the sport’s popularity.

This is good news for field hockey businesses like retailers of field hockey equipment and apparel as well as companies that provide sports sponsorships to athletes or teams. More people are playing a sport and they are spending a lot of money per month on them. If more Americans learn about this sport, there will be more people who want to play it.

According to Sportoong’s director of strategic planning, Oliver Davies: “The popularity of players are inspiring a generation of young athletes across North America, which will result in more children taking up their local sport.”

Sportoong is a company that will do well with the growth in field hockey. People are searching for more words about field hockey on Google this year than last year. Sportoong promises to work harder in the future and write more articles about tactics and tips for playing this interesting sport.

This trend could be attributed to many factors including increased awareness and accessibility. Do you play field hockey? If not, would you like to learn more about the game or try it out for yourself? Visit Sportoong website today for information on how to get started with your own team at Sportoong Field Hockey Club.

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