Diamonds, development, charity: Lev Leviev, a person of many interests

November 23 06:47 2021

Lev Leviev, formerly known as the “king of diamonds,” is now more involved in other areas. Meanwhile, the entrepreneur remains an exciting and remarkable figure in the global business scene. Thanks to his successful international business Lev Leviev is well known in many countries.

But not much is known about certain aspects of his life, such as his family, hobbies, and charity work. Let’s explore who Leviev is, what he does now, and his life philosophy.

Lev Leviev’s business path

Let Leviev was born to a family of Central Asian Jews on July 30, 1956. In 1971 he moved from Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic to Israel, where he got an education and passed military service.

Lev Leviev started working with jewelry right after serving in the Israeli army, taking a job as a grinder in a factory. After gaining experience, he founded his diamond processing factory. The company’s success brought Lev Leviev the “Diamond King” fame – the unofficial title he retained for many years.

In 1996, Lev Leviev purchased and headed Africa Israel Investments (AFI Group). It is an international organization specializing in real estate development, investment, and infrastructure. AFI Group and its subsidiaries have realized many residential, office, hotel, and recreational properties in the US, Europe, and Russia. Before Lev Leviev took over management, business Africa Israel Investments was mainly localized in Israel and was close to bankruptcy. The entrepreneur managed to preserve and increase its assets and bring its activities to a fundamentally new level.

AFI Development is now included in the Russian construction industry backbone organizations list, providing only the largest and most prosperous market players. Other business activities of Mr. Leviev include tourism, retail, financial investments, and mining.

The AFI Group is a significant player in the international real estate market and a socially helpful company that implements socially essential projects and creates thousands of jobs.

Mr. Leviev as a philanthropist

Mr. Leviev can serve as a role model for other entrepreneurs. His success in business does not prevent him from helping others and making significant donations regularly.

He established a charity foundation, Or Avner, named after his father. An extensive network of schools, kindergartens, summer camps, and teacher training centers sprang up in Russia and the former Soviet Union through the foundation. In addition to educating students, these organizations preserve and develop Jewish culture among the younger generation.

In addition, with the support of Or Avner, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (JFC) was founded in 1998, with Mr. Leviev as president. The federation includes 454 institutions across the former Soviet Union. They provide various types of support to individuals and companies, ranging from urgent humanitarian aid to cultural and educational programs and religious education.

These activities are vital in the former Soviet republics, where Jewish communities declined due to severe oppression by the twentieth century. Many Jews forgot their traditions and the fundamental foundations of the nation, losing their identity.

As a father of many children, Lev Leviev sees helping children as the best investment for the future. Recently, the businessman privately equipped several schools in his home country of Uzbekistan with computers. It gave many children the opportunity to study interactively and remotely.

Lev Leviev’s charitable activities are not limited to the Jewish community – he also helps people in many countries where he lives or does business. Last year, for instance, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Leviev shipped medical masks worth more than $400,000 to the government of Uzbekistan.

Lev Leviev’s main asset: his family

Lev Leviev now has properties in Israel, the UK, Russia, and Cyprus. The businessman has to travel a lot on business, so he lives in several countries to comfortably manage multiple companies worldwide.

At the same time, Mr. Leviev is a successful businessman, well-known philanthropist, and a model family man. He has lived with one wife, has brought up nine children, and has many grandchildren. Lev Leviev considers his main treasure to be his family, in which there is always an atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding.

Extraordinary entrepreneurial skills, the desire to help others, and commitment to family values – a rare combination. Mr. Leviev is a unique person because he has managed to find harmony in his life and achieve international recognition.

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