When Establishing at a Family Practice Patients need to Have Patience

November 22 11:16 2021
When Establishing at a Family Practice Patients need to Have Patience

The family doctor is one of the most important medical professionals people encounter. Family doctors are the first contact in almost any medical situation. From the common cold to life-changing events like a pregnancy, the family practitioner is the first person people often see. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, people avoided those general checkups. They even ignored some medical issues that they should have been seen over.

As a result of putting things off combined with many doctors retiring, there is a bit of a backup in the medical system, and appointments can be hard to come by. However, it doesn’t mean that people should give up when it comes to seeing a family practice physician, even if they haven’t established care yet.

One of the benefits of family practice is that it’s designed to be somewhere that patients can go to for most of their medical care needs. They aim to create a lasting relationship between the patient and the doctor. However, there are several reasons people can be looking for a new family practice doctor. One of the more common ones is that doctors are people; they do things like move or retire.

Finding a new family practice to work with can be a bit challenging. When a patient is first establishing care with a new provider, a handful of things can make the process go smoother.

First new patients should be sure to have any medical records from previous doctors. This will help prevent having to sit down and go through every bit of medical history. Another tip to make the first appointment go smoothly is to keep a list of any questions or concerns to ask the doctor. It makes remembering the topics easier and generally saves time during the first appointment.

Once a patient is established with their family practitioner, they can turn to that provider for almost all medical needs. They handle everything from well-exams to treatments for injuries. They are also the provider that people turn to for referrals if the problem requires more specialized care. Seeing a specialist almost always requires a family practice doctor to write a specific referral. This process helps to eliminate unnecessary appointments and make specialists more available to those who need them most.

Often, family practice clinics will provide a multidisciplinary approach with dental care options and walk-in-clinic services in the same facility, among other healthcare services. So for anyone struggling to get an appointment with their primary doctor, the walk-in facility may be the next best option if the problem shouldn’t wait.

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