Shari L. Sanahi Teaches How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs In Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads

November 22 03:54 2021
Talented first-generation Guyanese-American author, Shari L. Sanahi, releases a new book titled “Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads,” where she shares her journey through life to inspire readers worldwide

Shari L. Sanahi is looking to help as many people as possible reach their full potential by turning trauma into triumph as she releases a new book titled Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads: A Survivor’s Method To Risk-Taking Through Radical Change. The self-help guide is a life-transformational piece that sees the authorAA telling her life story and how she was able to overcome several challenges to “survive” against all odds.

Some people choose to suffer for greatness, and some choose to suffer because they feel greatness escapes them,” said Shari L. Sanahi.

It is not uncommon to have millions of people across the globe struggle with seemingly unending issues that often inhibit them from reaching their full potential, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Over the years, several guides have been developed to help such persons get rid of their previous experiences and forge ahead to become better persons. Unfortunately, such resources often fail to deliver the desired results due to their seemingly abstract content that fails to connect with the readers. However, Shari L. Sanahi seeks to change this narrative with the launch of Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads: A Survivor’s Method To Risk-Taking Through Radical Change. Shari Sanahi also provides book coaching and ghost writing services to help others turn their narratives of struggle into victory as she did.

The book, which is currently doing well on Amazon as well as other platforms, is particularly unique as the author personifies her experience as a “survivor,” breaking down the human connection by giving an account of her life journey, with the goal of helping readers learn the necessary tools and resources to own traumas and start to thrive as opposed to being overwhelmed.

Shari Sanahi seems to be doing well towards achieving the goal of igniting a fire within readers, acting as a catalyst of inspiration, change, and motivation, judging by the reviews from readers. “This book is amazing, If you’re looking for transformation, inspiration, and deep understanding on how to take risk you’re in the right place. This book touches on how to get rid of self-destructive habits, toxic people/environment and how to follow your dreams. This book is very well written and what’s truly amazing is the fact that the author Shari Sanahi shares her personal story. Making me feel more connected and grounded. I LOVED IT SO MUCH,” said Melissa Ramirez.

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About Shari Sanahi

Shari Sanahi is a first-generation Guyanese-American author born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has spent most of her life teaching others about Guyana’s location and culture. She was published in the zine from New Zealand titled “Phantom Billstickers,” which is available on Amazon.

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