The Ketosis Mom Offers Health and Wellness Advice for a Busy World

October 13 11:36 2021
The Ketosis Mom Offers Health and Wellness Advice for a Busy World
Jennifer Dwyer Turned Tragedy into a Health and Wellness Brand Through the Power of Ketosis

Jennifer Dwyer’s life changed after a car accident that left her unable to walk for six months. Before the accident, Jennifer was a normal working mom, but the tragedy she faced helped kickstart a transformation into a health and wellness advocate. Jennifer used the power of ketosis to lose nearly 100 lbs since her accident and she now aims to share the knowledge she has gained with as many people as possible.

Ketosis Mom is designed to be easily accessible for the average person. For those who are unsure where to begin their health and wellness journey, the Ketosis Mom presents advice and keto recipes in a fun, easily understood format. “The website was developed to be able to easily share to multiple people, and then came the social media following. I review keto, lifestyle, and family products in a variety of brands; any product that my audience may find useful. I also continuously post about life stressors that can knock you off track and how to get back on track” said Jennifer Dwyer about her website’s mission. 

Jennifer writes weekly on her blog and also broadcasts from Amazon Live at, both are great resources on ketosis. The health industry and the ketosis lifestyle can be seemingly intimidating at first glance, but Jennifer wants you to know that it is possible to make a change and the Ketosis Mom is a great first step. “Don’t pay attention to the scale, pay attention to how you FEEL. It is not dieting; it is choosing to eat healthy” says Jennifer Dwyer on the biggest piece of advice from the Ketosis Mom. If you are a busy mom, employee, or simply want a better-quality life, visit the Ketosis Mom website today!

About Ketosis Mom

Ketosis Mom is an innovative health and wellness brand with a focus on Ketosis product reviews and lifestyle advice that can vastly improve clients’ weight loss and overall health. The Ketosis Mom offers a wealth of knowledge in an enjoyable, family-oriented atmosphere. If you are ready to transform your health and well-being reach out to Jennifer at the Ketosis Mom website today!

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