Solutions for Uneven Fiber Eating and Spandex Jersey Fabric Curling

September 10 17:56 2021
How to solve the problem of uneven fiber eating in the wale direction of the knitting needles in the production of jacquard artificial fur?

How to solve the problem of uneven fiber eating in the wale direction of the knitting needles in the production of jacquard artificial fur?

In the jacquard circular knitting machine, after the knitting needles are hooked to take the fiber, there is a remaining spiral “fiber belt” on the doffer, which corresponds to the part of the lower part of the carding head that is not needled. Assuming this part of the knitting needles are also hooked and taken Fiber, the surface of the doffer will be very clean, there is no “fiber belt”, so as long as there is a needle in this “fiber belt” to pick up the fiber, it will have more fibers than other knitting needles, and it will appear in the wale direction. The fiber is uneven, so the key is to eliminate the “fiber band” that exists on the doffer. Strengthen the inspection of the cleaning roller and keep it in good working condition, and there will be no uneven fiber eating in the longitudinal direction.

In addition to the edge treatment during finishing, is there any other way to solve the curling problem of spandex jersey?

Hemming is a characteristic of knitted fabrics, which is caused by the yarn trying to straighten under the action of its own internal stress after the yarn is bent during the knitting process. Factors affecting hemming include fabric structure, yarn twist, yarn linear density, loop length, yarn elasticity and so on. There are two ways to overcome curling: one is to remove the internal stress of the yarn through high-temperature shaping; the other is to use the fabric structure to counteract the internal stress of the yarn.

Single jersey is a single-sided fabric, its curling is inherent, after adding spandex yarn, the degree of curling is strengthened, and because spandex is not resistant to high temperatures, its setting temperature and time are limited, so it cannot be set by setting The internal stress of the yarn is well released, and the finished fabric will still have a certain degree of curling, and the size will become an inevitable measure in the finishing process.

However, in the weaving process, changes in the fabric structure can also be used to overcome or reduce the curling of the fabric. For example, the single-sided piqué mesh structure has no hemming property, so the mesh structure can be knitted within 2cm on both sides of the fabric opening line to solve the problem of jersey hemming. The knitting process is as follows.

Knitting needle arrangement: The knitting needles are arranged in the order of AB…ABABCDCDCD…CDCDCDABAB…AB, and the position of the CD knitting needles is the mesh structure on both sides of the open width line.

Cam arrangement: 4 ways in a loop, and the cam arrangement is shown in the following chart.

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