Ivy Camps USA introduces pre-university programs to kickstart teens’ journey to college success

August 03 17:41 2021
Ivy Camps USA showcases the power of mentorship on the path to college admissions. It offers impressive packages, including one designed for those in their initial years of high school and another that includes all of its recommended courses for students on their path to applying to college.

Ivy Camps USA has introduced pre-university programs to help teens obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to enter a university program.

It leads the pack in offering courses in college application help, exploring careers, and college success. The Live online courses are all taught by instructors who come from top universities in the United States.

“We believe in the power of mentorship on the path to college admissions. All of our instructors come from Ivy League and other top US universities. They are great role models whose instruction could benefit anyone who is preparing to go to college,” a representative said in a statement. 

Karen, one of its program leads, shared her experience with college applications and some of her best writing tips in a video on the Ivy Camps USA YouTube Channel.

“The college application essay is so important because it gives you the human component. It allows the admissions officers to see who you are and not just the numbers,” says Karen, who is currently studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley.  

Meanwhile, Anna, a graduate of Brown University, cited the significance of the supplemental essay in her applications process. The supplemental essay provides a chance for applicants to give more information to an admissions panel to show further why they are a good fit for a school. 

“While every university reads the common application essay, the supplement essay is catered to the specific universities you’re applying for. It gives you the chance to demonstrate why you are specifically interested in going to that school,” says Anna, who graduated with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Media.

Anna adds that the supplemental essay is an “opportunity to show that an applicant is not just applying to a random university but is really invested in going to a particular university.” 

Ivy Camps USA said participants could choose from its available packages. The first bundle is designed for those in their initial years of high school or starting to think about applying to university. It includes a class to design the student’s pre-application journey, career exploration courses, and a one-on-one university mentorship guide to getting the student started successfully.

Meanwhile, the second bundle includes all of Ivy Camps USA’s recommended courses if students are on their path to applying to university. This package includes a Writing for University Admissions class, one-on-one Standardized Test Preparation, and a personalized University Application Mentorship.

Ivy Camps USA also provides a blog section where teens get to discover other helpful college admission tips, topics on understanding standardized college tests, and the importance of soft skills for university success.

Those looking to begin their journey to college success can check out the Ivy Camps website to learn more.

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