Introducing, Featuring the Latest Phone-Connected Wonder Gadget Called Phonecta

August 03 13:18 2021 is a brand new website which showcases the latest phone-connected gadget known as Phonecta. Designed to add value to the mobile phone, Phonecta enhances the benefits of a mobile phone by adding to it multiple new functionalities that everyone wishes their phone had. The website was launched in June 2021 and has already recorded over 15K visits so far. All curious visitors are welcome to join the forum on the website to learn and share their views. The production of Phonecta is expected to start in 2022.  

Phonecta is going to be a smart companion for mobile phones which will optimize the use of mobile phones in all ways needed. It comes with a premium ANC Earbuds, Built-in NFC, Bluetooth, Built-in GPS, Swivel Camera, a cold storage crypto wallet, a heart rate sensor, Joystick, Sim Card, Wireless Power Bank, etc. Phonecta is introduced by Power Force Pty Ltd, an Australian Company which launched the website to get feedback on designs from contributors.

“Phonecta is going to revolutionize the mobile phone. It’s designed to give you most out of your mobile phone”, said a spokesperson from Phonecta. Additionally, he said, “We welcome everyone to visit our website and leave their comments on our product”. 

For launching this new category, an experienced and talented Product Development Agency has come on board to overlook the launch of this new category of devices. The agency hired will research the technical and commercial feasibility of Phonecta with different features and functionality, develop new patentable technologies to be integrated into the Phonecta range, involve engineers to design sophisticated electronics, add more functionality/features, improve aesthetics and ensure integration of all components including mechanical, electronics, firmware etc. 

The entire launch campaign of Phonecta is being funded by an Indiegogo campaign which will be used to pay the fees and other charges. The website also has a Phonecta Shop and a designer Chat Forum to build a community of early creative designers and adopters. Visit the newly launched website to check out the latest device that will change the way mobile phones are used.

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