Zoeta Dogsoul: Thailand’s Number 1 Dog Training Program

July 31 02:45 2021
Sebastian is Dog Trainer in Thailand.

A dog can be a person’s best friend. This pet is sociable, dependable, and all-around loveable. No wonder dogs make such great companions.

However, things aren’t so gleeful when the dog isn’t obedient. There is no such thing as a bad dog. Yet, dogs can display bad behavior if the relationship dynamic isn’t right with their owner. If things aren’t right with the new dog at home, the last thing to think about is re-homing them. Instead, a great training or boarding program could be what they need.

Zoeta Dogsoul is one of the top dog training programs in Thailand. Their dog trainer Sebastian is one of the leading dog trainers in the country. They service many areas, including Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Zoeta Dogsoul unsterstands what dogs need

Zoeta Dogsould offers both dog training Bangkok and dog training Chiang Mai, so more people across Thailand can get the help they need to improve their relationship with their dog. Sebastian is an excellent trainer who knows how to see things from the dog’s perception. His goal is to create a path of successful communication between the dog and owner.

One thing that prevents a successful relationship between the dog and its owner is that the dog doesn’t realize the human is in control of the situation. When they believe they can act out every urge and instinct, it makes it more difficult for the owner to gain control. Sebastian uses training techniques to help the dog control its instincts and obey its owners.

Zoeta Dogsoul also offers dog boarding

When people travel, they often worry about leaving their dog home alone. Who knows what kind of trouble they can get into. It’s also difficult to find someone who is available to dogsit, especially finding someone who is experienced with dogs. This problem is even worse for people who have a dog that is less than obedient. 

Zoeta Dogsoul offers dog boarding Chiang Mai so all dogs have somewhere comforting to stay when their owners go away. Since dogs give off signs of stress when they are away from their owners, the experts at Zoeta Dogsoul know what to look for. They go above and beyond to make sure every dog staying with them is happy and remains comfortable.

All dogs that stay with Zoeta Dogsoul will have a private room to rest in (with air conditioning) and get to have fun in a common room with other dogs (if they like). There will be plenty of playtime and complementary feedings. Any dog who needs medication will be properly cared for. Just to make sure they are happy, they will get a premium treat as well.

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