New Book by Art DiNick is a True Life Story which exemplifies the Power of Choice

July 22 10:50 2021
Art DiNick uses his life experience as a case study in his new book, “Choice: As Fate Would Have It,” to bring perspective on the subject of choice while sharing practical, proven tips for his readers

Having too many choices is overwhelming. In an age where having several options for everything is the norm, it can mean confusion and feeling pressured to make decisions. While this could be a problem, Art DiNick believes that gleaning from the real-life experience of someone who has had a fair share of the power of choice would potentially help individuals make better decisions. On this note, he has published his new book titled “Choice: As Fate Would Have It.”

Art’s approach is unique and inspirational because it considers an undeniable truth that too many people ignore: choices are inescapable. In the book, Art takes readers on a journey into his story to offer hope to persons who have made wrong choices and feel they should have made different or better choices in life.

“Sometimes we made choices which we think were a mistake. Some of the choices were made by free will and some by fate. We don’t realize that a higher being deemed that these choices were necessary for us to reach a higher goal that is only known to Him,” said Art DiNick. “We do not have the ability to see the ultimate goal planned for us. After reading the author’s story, you may come to realize that the poor choices you think you made in the past were necessary to guide you to where you are today. If you are not happy, you should not dwell on those choices because they cannot be changed, and you should move on and pursue your dreams,” he added.

The book “Choice: As Fate Would Have It” is a true story about a man in his mid-thirties who is in a race car crash, and death was imminent. At that moment, between life and death, the past and present merge, and time stands still. In just a few brief seconds, he relives his entire life. This story chronicles the experiences and decisions he made in his life from childhood through adult life.

As an engineer for EXXON Oil Company, he had to choose between traveling for the company on emergency troubleshooting trips or staying at home with his family. He also would have had to reduce his hectic racing schedule. The choices he made severely impacted his family. He wonders if the choices he made were determined by fate or did him have the ability to change them.

“Choice: As Fate Would Have It” book is based on Art DiNick’s personal life experience, which left a huge impact on his life and almost changed everything. After 30 years of wait, he has finally penned down the story. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon. Visit to order a copy.

About Art DiNick

Art Dinick is an aspiring author, an inspirational personality; he overcame a tragic accident that completely shaped his life differently afterward. Several years later, he remarried and now has six grandchildren. Art has approximately twenty US patents. He won EXXON’s most valuable patent award twice and received numerous non-US patents. In addition, he received the Marquis Who’s Who lifetime achievement award for his engineering accomplishments.

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