Dr. Moe’s Solutions Releases New Knee Brace and Full-Leg Compression Sleeve Combo for Athletes

January 21 19:42 2021
Dr. Moe’s Solutions Releases New Knee Brace and Full-Leg Compression Sleeve Combo for Athletes
The company creates innovative and effective physical therapy products to help customers return to full physical function.

Dr. Moe’s Solutions, which develops first-rate physical therapy products, proudly announces the release of their new product, Bulldog Brace. Offered as a combo knee brace and full-leg compression sleeve, this product is perfect for athletes and is the first of its kind anywhere.

All products from Dr. Moe’s Solutions are designed by a doctor of physical therapy. They design their products using sound scientific principles and consult with other physical therapists, occupational therapists and kinesiologists to create safe and effective products.

“We want to be disruptive – we were tired of being offered cheap, ineffective physical therapy-related products and made the decision to use our expertise to positively reshape the market,” stated a representative from Dr. Moe’s Solutions.

Their top-notch, game-changing products include gait belts, knee braces and foot and leg stretchers. Their gait belt is made with extra strong premium materials to ensure the safety of both the patient and caregiver. Patients wear the knee brace during exercise to reduce stress forces. It is comfortable enough to be worn the entire day, effectively keeping the knees pain free. They offer their knee brace with an ice compression sleeve.

The foot and leg stretcher is a versatile combo that includes a calf stretching strap, a massage ball and an arch support foot sleeve. The strap can be used to stretch tight calves, Achilles tendonitis, hamstrings and more, while the ball can be used as a deep tissue massager on other parts of the body.

Dr. Moe’s Solutions combines science and research with superior craftsmanship to develop the best physical therapy products. The company only releases products after rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness. More information can be found at https://Docmoes.com.

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Dr. Moe’s Solutions provides outstanding physical therapy products developed by physical therapists, occupational therapists and kinesiologists.

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