Dr. Robert L. Evans III: Empowering People to Elevate Their Mindsets

January 21 19:30 2021
Dr. Robert L. Evans III: Empowering People to Elevate Their Mindsets

A therapist who can cultivate empowerment without requiring too much effort is always a major plus. When it comes to uncontrollable issues in families, businesses, or individuals, empowerment is paramount to elevating the mindset, rediscovering personalities, and cultivating abilities. A strong believer of this notion comes by the name of Dr. Robert L. Evans III.

Dr. Robert L. Evans III is a culturally competent Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with over 20 years of sterling experience. These years of expertise are combined with a passion for serving individuals in need of help. Unlike other achievers in the same sector, Dr. Robert did not have everything served on a silver platter. 

Dr. E came from humble beginnings. These humble beginnings are the culprit for his sterling reputation today. Besides the special gifts that were endowed to him, Dr. E  always has the heart to serve. He wants to assist individuals who lack a sense of fulfillment in life. The world is a cruel place to live in. Beneath the beautiful and serene views on Earth are detrimental problems people have to face every day. When these problems grow to occupy a person’s mind, one will find himself consumed with complexities and lost. Dr. E wants to lead, push, and encourage these lost individuals.

With all the visions and missions Dr. Robert has in mind, he brought himself into a prominent position in helping the lost ones. With this being said, Dr. E started Empowerment Counseling & Training services. 

Unlike traditional counseling clinics, Empowerment Counseling & Training Services is a private psychotherapy practice that provides a judgment-free environment. As the company’s CEO, Dr. E believes in the power of incorporating regular and fun activities into the therapy. These activities include watching movies or music videos, playing board games like Chess, and sports like Basketball and Soccer. Dr. Robert’s way of approaching his clients makes them more comfortable to open up to him. 

Dr. E invests in providing therapy that focuses on the support system of his clients. He believes that the best way to bring back their sense of normalcy is by making them feel normal and supported. The stigma about seeking counselors must not interfere with a client’s determination to improve, which is why Dr. E values the relationships he established with them.

However, Dr. E’s passion for helping clients overcome their conditions is only limited to those who have the courage and the will to do so. Despite being versatile in handling clients of different ages, personalities, and conditions, Dr. E does not want to waste time and energy. For him, time is precious, and he must only give it to those deserving of it. He only works for clients who also work on themselves. 

Along with his aspirations in life, Dr. E continues to lift one person’s problem one therapy at a time. He might not have realized his impact on society, but people like Dr. E make this world a better place. Empowering people to elevate their mindset is not a skill that can be learned by mastering academics; it is an endowed gift for which Dr. Robert has been blessed.

To know more about Dr. Robert L. Evans III, you may visit his official website.

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