Pudu Robotics Launches New Generation of Disinfection Robot “Puductor 2” to Provide Technical Support for Global Fight against the Pandemic

November 19 08:36 2020

Shenzhen – The reliable information shows that Pudu Robotics, a global commercial service robot company located in Shenzhen, China’s R&D capital, will soon launch a new generation of disinfection robot “Puductor 2” to the global market after launching the first generation of disinfection robot “Puductor” successfully. The release of the new product will first target the European and American markets where the pandemic is relatively severe. With the aid of science and technology, Pudu hopes to provide support for medical institutions, governments, schools, airports, subway stations, banks and other public places around the world to fight against the pandemic.

“Puductor 2” is specially designed for the global battle on the pandemic, which is equipped with two disinfection modes of ultrasonic dry mist and UV-C, and comprehensively improves the disinfection ability of bacteria and viruses, especially for killing and cutting off the spread of the long-lasting COVID-19. On the one hand, “Puductor 2” ultrasonic dry mist disinfection mode adopts annular mist with a capacity of 15L disinfectant. Disinfectant is atomized into dry particles less than 10µm by ultrasonic atomization technology and sprayed into the air to suspend for a long time, thus ensuring full and complete contact between the disinfectant and microorganisms in the air for disinfection and sterilization. In the actual operation process, “Puductor 2” is provided with four gears to adjust the atomization rate and the amount of spray freely based on space requirements.


On the other hand, the newly mounted UV-C disinfection mode is equipped with a Philips UV lamp with an illuminance of 180μW/cm2 at 1 meter. Through the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp, bacteria and viruses can be killed without direct contact with objects, thus realizing 360°disinfection and become leading and effective in the whole industry. UV-C disinfection can not only be applicable to indoor air, but also for the surface of various objects, including desks and chairs, clothes, lockers, corridors in hospitals, temporary rescue centers, etc. In addition, the UV lamp of “Puductor 2” is fitted with a motorized interlocking mechanism, and it can be kept in a closed state under non-UV working conditions, which can avoid damage to the lamp caused by movement or impact.

Numerous studies have shown that ultraviolet mainly causes radiation damage and destruction of nucleic acid functions to kill microorganisms and realize the disinfection purpose, which can disinfect and kill 99.99% of dangerous viruses, bacteria, molds, spores and other harmful microorganisms, pathogens in daily life.

Supporting remote terminals to control the machine is another highlight of “Puductor 2”. This function is a humanized design based on the personal safety of the operator. When operating, operators do not have to stand beside the robot. They can assign disinfection tasks to the robot through the remote terminal provided by Pudu Robotics, and receive notification at the end. At the same time, the liquid level of the disinfection solution tank can be detected in real time, and users will be reminded to supplement the solution in time when the liquid level is low. In order to facilitate the operators of public places and some private institutions to record and summarize the disinfection work, “Puductor 2” has added the function of automatically generating work reports and checking the disinfection in the area.

It is worth mentioning that “Puductor 2” adopts the Laser SLAM Auto-driving Solution, a laser positioning algorithm developed by Pudu Robotics. The multiple sensors embedded in the solution allow in-depth environment perception, which realize indoor automatic driving and synchronous positioning. At the same time, it supports remote driving, remote detection and high-precision positioning. Thanks to its strong adaptability, it can carry out disinfection work in clubs, libraries, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, concert halls, cinemas, game halls, trains and other places. In addition, “Puductor 2” is equipped with 2 batteries with a total capacity of 51.2Ah, which can disinfect 12-15 rooms (about 20) at a time.

It is reported that “Puductor 2”, the new generation of disinfection robot, will carry two disinfection modes of ultrasonic dry mist and UV-C, which improve the range and efficiency of disinfection. Users can switch between the two modes required by the scene. Moreover, compared with manual and fixed disinfection methods, robot disinfection can improve the safety, efficiency and effect of disinfection. In addition, “Puductor 2” has added a humanized remote-control function, which enables science and technology to serve human beings, improve production and living efficiency and make the product safe and reliable.

At present, “Puductor 2”, the new generation of disinfection robot of Pudu, can be ordered worldwide. Let’s fight against the pandemic together! Ordering email, [email protected]; Ordering tel.: +86 400-0826-660. 

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