Lendersa Announces New ‘Matching Engine’ AI, For Los Angeles Hard Money Loans To Find Their Way Into The Hands Of Investors, For Residential And Commercial Transactions

November 18 23:22 2020
Lendersa Announces New ‘Matching Engine’ AI, For Los Angeles Hard Money Loans To Find Their Way Into The Hands Of Investors, For Residential And Commercial Transactions
Discover Lendersa’s New ‘Matching Engine’ AI For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investors, Seeking Los Angeles Hard Money Loans Without Having To Apply At Banks Or Show Amazing Credit Profiles. Finally, Get Access To Hundreds Of Los Angeles Hard Money Lenders and Loan Programs For Any Type Of Deal

For investors seeking Los Angeles hard money, it is a battle of “Big Institutional Lending” vs “Private”.

Sometimes, A+ credit investors will have no problem apply for the money they need to fulfill their financial obligations on their commercial or residential real estate deal, with a major bank, and while the fulfillment times on the money are longer, they move right through “qualifications” to approval.

However, and while people may think that is the majority of Investors, they would be sadly mistaken.

In fact, 98% of all Investors for residential and commercial real estate transactions in the private sector, have average or below-average credit and face monstrous demand from Banks to have several years of income and documentation and amazing credit reports and pay-offs of debts to get approvals.

So, what do investors do when seeking Los Angeles hard money loans, and they have been worked over by the system with new regulations for loan acquisition, by Fannie Mae and the infamous, COVID-19?

Well, prior to most recently, for the last decade people have gone direct to private money lenders in their local area.

Most savvy Investors have a pocketbook or mobile phone filled with Private Lenders they can call on for almost every deal they are involved in.

In fact, that is what the experts at Lendersa have put together for real estate investors that are tired, frustrated, and fed up with Banks and major lending institutions always saying NO!

Lendersa is the #1 destination for Los Angeles hard money loans, California and Los Angeles County private money lenders and their brand-new AI built-in ‘Matching Engine’, that allows any type of investor, whether commercial or residential to put in specific loan request data for the deal they have and then be instantly matched to hundreds of private money lenders offering the best loan programs and deals, and then Lendersa lets you engage those lenders for networking and building relationships.

Almost everyone in the private sector has heard of Sofi for personal loans.

Sofi comes recommended to those seeking personal loans and then comparing loan offers from various in-network lenders at sites like Bankrate and Credibility and LendingTree.

Lendersa is the LendingTree of residential and commercial real estate loans and transaction fulfillment.

With instant access to hundreds of amazing private Los Angeles hard money lenders offering hundreds of matching loan offers and programs that give real estate investors the feeling of “endless choices” when selecting the right loan package and person to cater to their customer and needs, it’s no wonder why the local Los Angeles area is starting to erupt on social media with news about this newer, faster, and better way to secure Los Angeles hard money loans, without ever having to step foot in banks… let alone, leave the house!

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