Comprehensive analysis of the performance of cellulose ether in honeycomb ceramics

November 18 19:42 2020

Cellulose ether is a non-ionic cellulose ether polymer. According to the degree of substitution and modification of the substituent groups, they have different chemical properties. It is a non-ionic, odorless, and odorless White cellulose ether powder can be used in building materials, industrial coatings, ceramics, textiles, agricultural daily chemicals and other fields.

Ceramics have always existed in life mostly in the form of handicrafts, as a form of decoration, but many people do not know that emerging ceramic products can also be used in various mechanical products. This explains a new type of ceramic-honeycomb ceramic. Honeycomb ceramics, as the name suggests, must be based on the shape of the honeycomb, coupled with the ceramic process design new products, honeycomb ceramics are widely used in power generation, desulfurization and denitrification, and automobile exhaust treatment. With the advancement of technology, more and more Using thin-wall honeycomb ceramic technology. Cellulose ether has played a vital role in the production of thin-walled honeycomb ceramics, and has an obvious effect on the shape retention of the green body.

The performance of cellulose ether in honeycomb ceramics:

1. Cellulose ether can improve the operability of honeycomb ceramic mold tires;

2. Adding cellulose ether can make honeycomb ceramic products have better green tire strength;

3. Cellulose ether has good lubricity, which is conducive to the extrusion molding of honeycomb ceramics and improves the product qualification rate;

4. Cellulose ether can make honeycomb ceramic products round and delicate;

5. Cellulose ether can make honeycomb ceramic products have a very dense internal structure after burning;

6. The addition of cellulose ether in the honeycomb ceramic has an obvious shape-preserving effect on the green tire, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product, ensure the uniformity of the wall thickness, and reduce the waste rate.

It can be seen that the role of cellulose ether in honeycomb ceramics is very important. Honeycomb ceramics without cellulose will have the characteristics of poor molding, rough internal structure, low green tire strength, and high rejection rate.

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