Learn what CPA’s won’t tell about Tax Free Strategies and International Filing Requirements with the IRS

November 18 22:33 2020
A team of experts helps clients understand their filing requirements based on their circumstances.

Orange County, CA, USA – Many Tax Preparers and CPA’s are not dealing with significant issues that clients may have.  Immigrants and U.S. citizens with international “affairs” can be affected negatively by the International Filing Requirements; they are at risk for a $10,000 penalty per form, if they forget to file on time, as part of their tax returns.  Some forms fall outside of the standard tax returns.  If the client is an immigrant, on a work Visa in the USA, or even a permanent resident, they need to file the correct set of documents, and this is why it is crucial they become more educated to ensure their CPA has the proper knowledge to file the mandatory forms.

Even if a person is a US citizen, doing business or client consulting in another country, owning a property outside the USA or even $1 in an international bank account, they could be in serious trouble if they don’t complete the right forms on time. This puts their business and legitimacy at risk which in turn interferes with their future profits and success.

Depending on the client’s circumstances and situation, some forms can take up to 89 hours to complete if the situation is complicated, according to the IRS. Clients need to be aware of everything that they need, maybe including but not limited to forms 5471, 5472, 8938, 8833, FBARR, 8621, 3520A, etc. This is exactly the reason why they need proper guidance and someone to alert them of the issues that may arise along the way and complete the Voluntary Disclosures, if necessary.

There is no reason for a person or a business to not be informed, especially because everyone can access a free tax report assessment that will be reviewed by tax experts.  The goal is to identify where clients need help, so Nadine and a team of 45 tax experts can help with tax saving strategies, international filing requirements, and any other ways to save money and avoid or delay taxes, legally!

Luxury and high net worth individuals are tired of paying too much in taxes which is why CPA’s are losing 72% of their business clients, because they are not proactive in offering advanced tax strategies.  In collaboration with the client’s CPA and attorney, Nadine’s team of experts can help with all complicated (or simple) strategies. Their topmost strategies include exploring how clients can increase their business value before selling, reduce expenses and mitigate risks, as well as protecting their assets and legacy. These strategies can protect the wealth of the client against negative stock markets, inflation, sequence of return risks as well as longevity risks. This can help the client participate in the positive market and still get a decent ROI (Rate of Return).

The team has a “turnkey” approach and brings knowledge, expertise, simplicity and manageability for the average client. More importantly, it is vital to understand that if people do not prepare adequately, they are leaving money on the table, instead of keeping it for themselves and providing for their families.  Why give more money to Uncle Sam if they don’t need to?

For business owners who want to eventually sell, each expense they save and whatever extra revenues they make, the difference in the value of the company can be exponential.  Timing is everything and acting quickly in this situation is the main objective for the experts to help clients around the world in saving taxes, protecting their wealth and growing their safe money portfolio.

People can access the tax free assessment by visiting www.NadineLajoie.com. Nadine is available for  training events and/or radio and TV interviews, and can be reached at the address below.

Featured in Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX, CBS Money Watch, Nadine Lajoie spoke on many stages around the world (including TEDx and California Women’s Conference) amongst top speakers like Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hensen and Stedman Graham. She brings 31 years of experience in the Finance Industry, with a Bachelor in Actuarial Sciences, and is now a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, International Speaker & Mentor, Real Estate Investor and #1 Best-Selling Author.

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