John P. Dubots, Financial Expert and Founder Of Dubots Capital Management, Shares The Secret To Income Solutions That Won’t Be Outlived

November 18 20:39 2020

John Dubots is a registered investment advisor, author, podcast host, and dedicated husband and father. He got his start in finance after moving to California in 1991. Originally from Pennsylvania, Dubots majored in Resource Economics and obtained a Masters in Public Administration at the University of New Hampshire where he played football. He quickly realized that public life was not his passion, so when he came across a financial management position in the Sunday paper, he jumped at the opportunity. After three years of learning and growing with that firm, he decided to branch out on his own and founded Dubots Capital Management in 1994. 

26 years later, Dubots Capital Management proudly represents clients from more than 30 states and remains dedicated to providing protection, security, and success for their clients and the generations to follow. 

While Dubots’ team partners with clients of all life stages, their focus is individuals in or near retirement, with a specialization in wealth preservation and distribution. According to Dubots, many other financial advisory firms miss the mark on this important life phase. A firm may spend decades focusing on the client’s wealth accumulation, but those funds are not protected without a solid preservation and distribution strategy post-retirement. Dubots Capital Management’s primary goal is to provide their clients with fewer sleepless nights, through the use of risk management strategies and income solutions that they won’t outlive. 

Dubots and his team successfully guided clients through the crash of 2008 and the chaos of 2020, through the implementation of the following three principles:

Reduce Tax Liability Through Retirement.

According to Dubots, it is vital that retirees and those planning for retirement, don’t overlook the impact of taxes and the ways taxes may affect social security. Dubots Capital Management helps clients minimize their taxes in retirement by structuring income in a tax-efficient manner. Typically, taxes are retirees number one expense during retirement with medical care coming in at a close second. Dubots urges clients to plan for this. Consider the impact of medical bills and the inevitable passing of one spouse. Planning for these expenses and the tax effects that will follow ensures that the surviving spouse can maintain their standard of living. 

Coordinate and Create Guaranteed Sources of Income in Retirement.

Traditionally, social security and pensions are two common sources of an individual’s income during retirement. Today, however, fewer people outside of government employees have a pension, and in many cases companies are freezing or discontinuing pension plans. Dubots works with clients to create a personalized pension plan to supplement their social security income. It is paramount that this pension plan is not tied up in the stock market or outside forces, such as a global pandemic. Having this plan in place brings clients priceless peace of mind knowing that they have guaranteed income throughout their lifetime. 

Reduce the Risk of Client’s Portfolios.

Many are taught that to achieve a greater reward, one must take greater risks. 

According to Dubots, this is simply untrue, “You can actually take less risk and get further ahead when you win by not losing.” 

Before the tech bubble crash of the early 2000’s, Dubots had operated in a traditional, buy and hold investment model. Although the stock market experiences a  “Bear Market” on average every 4.5 years, given enough time the market has always recovered.  Unfortunately, as people approach and enter into retirement time is no longer on their side.  With the tech bubble burst, the S&P 500 was down nearly 50% and Dubots was receiving calls from alarmed clients. He too feared for his own family’s savings and future. He realized that there had to be a better way. He took a step back and engaged in months of research and self-study and emerged with the two strategies he implements to this day to help eliminate or minimize drawdown.

First, Dubots implemented fixed index annuities into his income planning. This ensures that clients have their principle guaranteed, they can participate in the upticks in the market and guarantee lifetime income without suffering when the market experiences a downturn. This is particularly important for Dubots’ older clients who may not be able to wait 5+ years for the market to bounce back. 

Secondly, Dubots began implementing risk-managed portfolios through institutional money managers that approach investment solely from a risk standpoint to minimize losses during a period of market decline.

When the crash of 2008 shook the nation, those operating with a risk-managed portfolio experienced minimized losses, many even made money during the recession. 12 years later, when the market took a dip in early 2020, Dubots’ client’s losses were nominal and quickly recovered. 

The principles that Dubots lives and operates by have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and provided them with a sense of protection and security that is unmatched. As the wise Warren Buffett once said, “The first Rule to investing is to never lose money and the second Rule to investing is to always remember Rule #1.” 

Today, John Dubots is the host of the Retirement and Money Matters podcast, and the author of three books, Giving Transforms You, Retire Abundantly, and most recently, How to Build Wealth Like a Shark, available in December 2020.

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