Secanti – Revolutionary brand of luxury timepieces launches classy yet affordable Empire collection

November 18 07:09 2020
Secanti is a brand of luxury watches that are now available to the common man. By cutting out the middle-man fee, Secanti timepieces are irrevocably stylish and within reach as well.

New York, United States – As a brand, Secanti is inspired by the success and wants to offer success to its customers. It tells an important insight about time itself, that every succeeding instant supersedes another, without fail, ceaselessly and precisely. The idea the brand bases itself on is extremely simple, but brilliant. Every watch that they make embodies a perennial and Imperial essence. Each piece is a solid work of precise architecture, which is built to last and evoke a sense of grandeur.

Their latest Empire collection is inspired by New York and the success that it exudes. The management at Secanti have an everlasting passion for timekeeping and want to bring uniqueness to every watch that they produce. They try to achieve the perfect balance between luxurious elegance and versatile utility that reflects on the idea that time itself appears timeless.

The classic Empire collection is for both men and women and its first issue focuses on the Empire State building. The building is seen by all as the epitome of modern commerce as it is the story of success that keeps on ticking through thick and thin. Each timepiece is a keepsake of the idea that it represents, a perfect momento about how success builds itself from the ground up.

These luxurious timepieces are crafted from the most premium and rare materials. Secanti uses etched precious metal elements, stainless high-grade steel, and true tanned leather latches that offer a classy look yet have a long-lasting value and durability for stuff inside the elegantly designed exterior is the state of the art handcrafted Japanese quartz mechanism, that ensures the clock will tick precisely and accurately for generations to come.

The theme of these timepieces is based on the go-getter, hardworking, always-on-the-go personality. Unlike the empires of more primitive times, its power lies in its ingenious modernity. The building itself is more than just the story of modern success. It has a total of 102 stories and tells the tale of persistence, resilience, perseverance, and the triumph of human ingenuity. The building is designed in a distinguished and recognizable art deco style, which celebrates modernity with a combination of exquisite artistry and master of luxurious craftsmanship.

This is the reason why Secanti is proud to announce its Empire watch collection with the limited Empire State Building series. Just like the building stays true to the idea of the city itself, they have tried to stay loyal to the original values of the building. They hope to represent power, resilience, perseverance, exquisiteness, as well as human brilliance. Each timepiece draws inspiration from the key principles of the movement, where the modern goes hand in hand over the artisanship and excellence of engineering which the Empire State building is an emblem.

The timepieces are extremely limited edition, as it commemorates the year-old iconic building being built, only 1931 watches of this particular kind are made. Other than honoring the past, it is time to accept that the times are changing. This is the reason why Secanti has introduced their ‘one watch – one tree’ movement where they have vowed to plant a tree for every clock sold to support the sustainability of their planet. The management at Secanti understands that their time here isn’t limitless and it’s best to act here and now which is the secret of success and how to sustain it.

The Empire State series imbues the cornerstone concept of the building into the watch. Staying true to the art deco movement that inspired the building can stop the timepieces combine modern styles with delicate craftsmanship and premium materials to create a watch that expresses luxury glamour and tasteful style. With bold geometry, smooth edges, solid form and bright eye-catching details Secanti is proud to launch this exquisite collection.

In their own words “We understand luxury’s value, heritage and uniqueness. Luxury is attention to detail so great you get complemented everywhere you go, and a step by step process to craft a watch so great then it becomes part of your identity. It is a commitment to the higher standard of quality and a promise to never take shortcuts. At the core of Secanti lies a belief that you deserve the highest quality of products for a price that you can afford.”

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